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Top Ten Signs of Being Duped and Manipulated by Government

Top Ten Signs of Being Duped and Manipulated by Government


Though there are many more signs than ten, I will keep this list short, sweet, and very direct:

1. If you are grant funded by any department of government, you sold your soul; you caved for cash, and you are providing “information” about the people you claim to “help” in mandatory reports to your master. Did you hear me, American 501(c) 3 non-profit churches?

2. If you are still a racist, still disrespectful or hateful toward any person of any color or culture, you are thinking exactly according to the government’s systemic program of ongoing inequality and divide and conquer, which is why “We the People” and “…one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” never happened. It’s your fault, divided ones.

3. If you have raped, incested, physically abused, or disrespected and/or dominated a person of the opposite or same gender, you are sexually and morally deviant, and your deviance has 1) damaged the reputation of the United States, and 2) you are following the behavioral lead of many “representatives” in this nation, knowing that if caught, your consequences will be next to none UNLESS you become targeted to be a “high profile” case to enact further eugenics-based legislation.

4. If you have worked your entire life, contributed to society, followed all “known” laws, and have been a “civil” person because your parents (not government) taught you to be civil, but today find yourself with two or three part-time jobs, in student “retraining” debt, have scaled back to such a degree that you cannot scale back any further, AND you realize that you do not have enough income to buy an “enforced” health care plan along with your “enforced” mortgage or rental insurance and “enforced” automobile insurance, you might want to tally these “enforcements”, and add to them all the “taxes” you are forced to pay on your fuel, natural gas and electric, and communications bills to see how much they contribute to life’s degradation. You complied with the program, all the while attacking “conspiracy theorists” for the TRUTH they were relaying for decades.

5. If you remain a Republican or Democrat, you are responsible for the condition of this nation. YOUR voting built the power of the two-colored beast.

6. If you play the “partnership/stakeholder” game in your “community”, you sold your soul to government control, ensuring the elimination of privately owned property, job losses, the total corruption of and theft by banks and other financial institutions, contempt for the American people, and the totalitarian spying upon the American people. For cash, you helped to kill the nation and impoverish the people.

7. If you continue to insult homeschoolers and their parents, robotically stating that homeschoolers have “social problems”, while supporting with your tax dollars enforced school fees and donations to the sick and rotten public, private, and foreign-owned charter school systems in the United States, you effectively and without fail condone bullying, the sexualizing of American children and youth, the mass-drugging of children, and the clearly racist and dis-education of children who, today, are partially literate, mathematically ignorant, ill-mannered, and socially incompetent; the VERY DEFINITION of “social problems”.

8. If you “progressively” believe that the execution of the unborn, animals, the elderly, the imperfectly born, the handicapped, etc. is “humane”, then you are an executioner in exactly the same vein as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, etc. You are a eugenicist who desires to selectively kill according to human rankings. You are an elitist killer.

9. If you are a blamer who sits on your ass, complaining, pointing fingers, and never becoming involved in the fight for “human” rights, “unalienable” rights, and fights for freedom, you are one of them, because as you well know, “they” blame EVERYTHING on us in order to grant themselves ALL POWER over us. This is a fight between human FREEDOM and human SLAVERY, worldwide.

10. If you know all the above, but you say to yourself, “…well, I have to live, so I have to make my family the first priority”, you, like your nation, is going to go down in flames. Stand now or forever be targeted, criminalized and chained.

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