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Scamnation: Forcing “mandatory” healthcare to raise corporate profits

Scamnation: Forcing “mandatory” healthcare to raise corporate profits


Again, it’s all so very obvious and so very simple:

1. Force the entire population to buy government health insurance, which limits medical care to primarily pharmaceutical drugging and endless mental health diagnoses; all culminating in massive Big Pharma profits;

2. Corporations cut workers to part-time to eliminate employee healthcare policies, whereby substantially cutting corporate expenses and boosting profits;

3. Force American workers into lower living standards to be “equitable” with Third World laborers as defined by the United Nations Agenda 21 blueprint for the twenty-first century;

4. Disqualify American workers from home and auto loans as a result of part-time incomes, home foreclosures and unmanageable debt, noting that privately owned property is declared “unsustainable” by the United Nations;

5. Relocate low-wage “human populations” into large urban “smart” areas where automobiles and privately owned homes are eliminated and brokerage corporations own most rental housing, again boosting corporate profits.

The Affordable Health Care Act is a scam. It does nothing for the American people. It specifically advances the global initiative of creating low-wage labor forces and forces workers to live in corporate or government-owned housing, both boosting profits for corporate governance AND significantly eliminating actual medical care.

There it is in a nutshell. If you don’t believe this, you are in denial.

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