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No Accountability Required for Global-Sized Criminals?

No Accountability Required for Global-Sized Criminals?

Is it not rather extraordinary that you and I can be arrested for picking the wrong flower or picking up a feather, collecting a rock on a beach, or failing to use a seat belt, while people who steal billions from working people, destroy the environment for decades by altering weather, and create super viruses for the express purpose of killing people are never held to account? Is it not bizarre how the Federal Reserve has destroyed this nation with orchestrated ease and continues to do so when they were never legally allowed to print play money to begin with, the money with which they bought up all the nation’s gold?

A caller to the radio show mentioned the accountability word, and I simply cannot get it out of my head. While little kids are being thrown out of school for pretending to shoot guns with their fingers and taking squirt guns to school; while they are being taught to hate their nation and disrespect their parents, and while college students are being enslaved into a debt-without-jobs free labor force, why are the enslavers permitted freedom much less billions in riches stolen from those who do work? Why are they never held to account? Why have we allowed elected people to become criminal gangs who then “appoint” even more criminal legions to protect them? What the hell are we doing?

Why have we accepted a “healthcare” system that is going to eviscerate this nation even further, and why do we continue to allow the government’s major media to operate by watching, listening, or reading anything they have to say? When the majority of the people in this country is horrified by what these handfuls of people have done and continue to do, what exactly is our problem? Why do we allow anyone in D.C. to “review” Benghazi or the IRS or Fast and Furious, and why is one cent going to Syria much less billions of dollars? Why does it cost $900,000.00 to keep one prisoner barely alive in Gitmo for one year, when 95+ million American people have lost jobs and 10 to 20 million have lost homes? Why are nearly half the people in the U.S. living in or near poverty, while the one percent is technologically advancing from millionaires to billionaires on an annual basis?

Why is the military allowing itself to be manipulated against the people of this nation, and why is it allowing itself to be trained to fire upon us? Nothing, NOTHING that has befallen this nation is our fault, and military leadership knows this. Everything that has happened is a result of renegade “representatives” who are paid to deceive, lie to, manipulate, degrade, and steal from the American people. The military knows what is coming, what is to further befall us, and yet they continue to allow this horrible weakening, poisoning, and cruelty toward their own families, neighbors, and countrymen. Why would they do this? Why would they participate in this criminal con game?

The caller was right. Until there is an expectation for justice and accountability; until the criminals are jailed for their theft and deception, and until all their “laws” and “orders” are taken off the books and the constitutional government is restored, we are their slaves—nothing more, nothing less.

This global game is insane. A handful of people cannot be permitted to rule the world, to make all world decisions, and to decide how the world’s people are going to live, what they are going to believe, what they are going to eat, and how they are going to work and for whom. They are destroying the whole world; people, nature, all flora and fauna; everything, and they are NEVER held accountable. What the hell?

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