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Lame Duck to Monarch? Why You DO NOT Want a Constitutional Convention

Lame Duck to Monarch? Why You DO NOT Want a Constitutional Convention

The push for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) is on. In fact, the “organizers” are so sure of themselves that they have called a meeting to establish the “rules” for this very dangerous gathering of “delegates”. You and I do not pick the delegates.

The clear direction of the nation is dastardly; just look at the behavior of national law enforcers and try to even guess what laws you, your children and even your pets are breaking. Trust me. You have no idea. But even more compelling is the fact that multiple congressmen and lobbyists have called for Obama to keep reigning past two terms over this nation while at the same time eviscerating Constitutional law. This is where a Constitutional Convention comes into play and also a potential nightmare forthcoming. The “organizers” say the Con-Con is only about a “balanced budget”. Hog wash. It is about replacing the Constitution with Socialism or even Communism. How do you like it so far, because it has invaded your bankrupt and jobless nation while forcing you to pay for health care that does not exist AND it has destroyed your children’s educations. The middle class has been all but destroyed—the primary goal of Socialism.

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