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Neither Pre-selected Leaders nor Use of Force Will Convince Humans to be Slaves to the 1%

Neither Pre-selected Leaders nor Use of Force Will Convince Humans to be Slaves to the 1%.

It’s not in our natures; limited government is in humankind’s blood, and no amount of propaganda, false flag events, tanks in the streets, or even foreign military forces in the streets will convince people to give up rights and freedom. You can take that to the central banks.

The powers that be are hoping that ordinary people will start the trouble. It won’t happen. False flag events will not entice us to begin the wars they so desire. Fukushima won’t work, shootings won’t work, and neither will poisons raining down from above and growing in the entire world’s crop fields. The people of this nation and in the rest of the world know exactly what is going on, why it is going on, and our patience is unlimited. We are not going to start the highly desired wars for global slavery.

Though I am sure there are underestimations of power on both sides, it really does not matter. The American people, both liberal and conservative, do not want to be corporate slaves without rights. We cannot be manipulated into such with nature crises, with threats of indefinite incarcerations, or with BS designations such as “domestic terrorists”. It won’t work. The long-term global plans are known here, on American soil, as they are known worldwide. The jig is up, the players are known, and the lines in the sand are drawn, by the entire world’s people, all of which desiring freedom, rights, happiness, and the right to live and believe as they choose; none of which the .01% “governance” right to take or control at will.

As the entire world’s masses are now unrepresented by civil leadership, it is our time. We will not allow cartels to rule us nor beasts to poison and control us. Every country in the world knows what is happening to them, and the players causing the crimes in each and every nation are well known. It isn’t going to work even as they try to change us into controllable biotechnology creatures of their making; it isn’t going to work. Insanity is as insanity does, and insanity, no matter how much money is steals and hoards, is “unsustainable”. The chickens are coming home to roost; that being the 99th percentile of humanity, and the chickens have had enough.

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