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We Are Living Under Commanders and their New Laws

We Are Living Under Commanders and their New Laws

Elected representatives have redefined themselves as commanders of public policy and the people of their respective nations. People have no say about their countries, their laws, their rights, their health, their traditions, their belief systems, or their individual life goals. Today all people are under dictatorships that have stepped from the shadows into the full and brazen light of day.

Equally clear is the fact that the surveillance scandals, the IRS scandals, the Benghazi scandal, the DOD scandals, and all the other horrible lies and misdeeds, illegalities and treasonous actions by the government commanders will be untouchable because they are permitted within the secretive confines of their redefined powers. As such, there has been a successful coup of the former laws and political system of the United States. All checks and balances are off the table. Yes, the military and those in the upper echelons of government have sworn to uphold the Constitution, but such promises do not hold water when they have eliminated Constitutional law. Now their true colors are out in the open, and they could care less.

Seventy-plus percent of the American people do not want the new and enforced healthcare law, the law from which all commanders are exempt by their say-so. To us, however, they say, “Tough shit; you will obey or face militarized IRS enforcers.” No person with a brain wants to go to war with Syria, but they do for economic reasons. No person with a brain wants rights of freedom eliminated, but they do, and they have rubbed this in the faces of the American people by systematically eliminating the Bill of Rights as planned and intended. They have not managed to disarm the American people, but the declaration of Martial Law will disarm the American people. That declaration is forthcoming and, in my personal opinion, will happen before winter.

We have been told that all legal, social, cultural, and financial degradations are the result of a need for security. If that were true, a truthful government would champion an armed public with all rights intact. The security they seek is their own. We are not only acceptable losses, but we are also victims of events; their events.

As entertainment addicts who are strapped for cash, jobs, homes, and soon to be eliminated from the social entitlement doles, we are sitting ducks to their technological and military powers. Furthermore, as duly weakened in heart and mind by pharmaceutical poisons, poisoned foods and water, and by our addictions to technology, technocracy rules our days and futures. When they pull the plugs of entitlements, energy and water grids, and the transportation of food, we will go nuts, and their military industrial complex will respond viciously to our desperation as has been witnessed in the escalating viciousness of law enforcement and in the military drills within most large U.S. cities. Still, the people refuse to believe any of it even though it streams upon us in the news and in broad daylight. They ignore all reality before their faces. They pretend everything is okay.

As all the “conspiracy theorists” are now known to have been telling the truth for decades, they have become criminalized for telling the truth. This is the clear and present indicator that freedom of the press has ended. The press is to be controlled by commanders; whistleblowers are to have accidents that blow engines 100 feet out of exploding cars, with the First Amendment burning like a bad accident. As such, good-bye freedom of speech and assembly; Martial Law will make short work of that right and all others.

On April 30, 1992 the President George H. W. Bush declared Executive Order 12803 – Infrastructure Privatization. This executive order made American roads, tunnels, bridges, mass transit, electricity supply facilities, rain transportation, airports, ports, waterways, recycling/wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, hospitals, prisons, schools, housing, and other infrastructure assets saleable to corporations, investors, and foreign nations. In the wording of the E.O., this list is cited as only “examples” of what is actually for sale in the United States and all of which occurring in 1992, twenty-one years ago. I raise this issue for one very important reason, Martial Law Executive Orders.

There have been many, many executive orders that explicitly define what is to happen following a declared state of Martial Law. What is so interesting and frightening about these orders is that they relate directly to the control of all American roads, tunnels, bridges, mass transit, electricity supply facilities, rain transportation, airports, ports, waterways, recycling/wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, hospitals, prisons, schools, housing, and other infrastructure assets; the identical list of the saleable American assets in Executive Order 12803, Infrastructure Privatization. This should explain, without a shadow government of a doubt, that the homeland military, just like the global military, protects assets, corporate and private investor assets, not people or nations. What is happening elsewhere in the world is now happening inside the U.S., and it is all about corporate profit, power, and control over the entire wealth of every nation. We, the people of the United States, are victims of “events”. Read Executive Order 12803, and then read the Martial Law Executive Orders. Since you are soon to lose your rights to the Internet by legal design and electrical grid plug pulling, you might want to do this reading soon.

I can only hope and pray that you are prepared to hunker down during a forthcoming and explosive period of history. You better be storing food and water and have a way to keep warm. If you have the means to do so, leave big cities now because, as you know, practice makes perfect, and nearly every major city in the United States has had a lot of military practice, many of which with foreign troops; perhaps the same troops from nations who have been buying massive hunks of the United States since 1992. Yep.

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