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The Federal Landlording Agenda

The Federal Landlording Agenda

“The cancer that infected our economy was housing.” — Sen. John Ensign

Senator Ensign’s statement is a truth worth screaming and clarifying. The cancer that infected our economy was and remains the intention of politicians and their financial and career string pullers to eliminate private property rights. If you choose to call that “housing”, so be it.  However, masking this truth by manipulating the American people with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, bank failures, etcetera, etcetera, ain’t gonna fly.

In 1992, the United Nations stated in its blueprint for the 21st century (Agenda 21) that there is to be no privately-held property — be it land or the homes that sit upon the land — for anyone. All property, according to Agenda 21, is to be “owned” by government. Agenda 21 also details the plan for “human relocation” stating that all member nations must implement “human relocation” plans. So today, we witness flood, fire, snow and ice, and power-grid relocations — annually — and with Homeland and FEMA military assistance/insistence. We, as the people of this nation, are indeed “relocating.”

And to where are we relocating? That depends upon the decisions of your local regional councils  — the appointees whose names you do not know — regarding which locales will receive development dollars and which areas are to be closed down for nature’s sake. It’s funny how the nation’s rural areas are in annual “natural crisis” while specifically-identified urban areas are highly and solely developed.  Small towns and burgs are dying while $7.00 to $10.00 per hour jobs are increasing in regionally funded urban areas.

And then, we have “stimulus” dollars in the billions going to national parks and state and federal wilderness areas while no dollars go to small towns, rural, and dying America.  So to our politicians I ask: How, exactly, does one live in a designated “human settlement”, as so declared by Agenda 21, on an very low wage, part-time job? How does one support a home or rental property, utility bills, internet and communication bills, automobiles, mandatory insurance policies, fuel costs to and from work, child care, and food with low-wage and part time wages?  Is the answer to become welfare recipients, the same welfare recipients that have been designated the under-classes and dregs of society for decades and the fastest growing segment of the national population?

The urban areas are completely overtaken by corporate chain businesses which pay minimum wages to their part time employees. Equally, we know that good jobs always go to community movers, shakers, their friends, families, and to their social development associates. We also know that higher education is being cut off from the minimum wage masses as universities are turning away college applicants as the Feds and their stakeholding financial partners continue cutting off financial aid for the rabble.

As we get poorer, less and less educated, transplanted to new areas, new lifestyles, and with no “social” contacts to land full-time employment, the question is very simple. What percentage of the American population is required to fulfill the “equity” clauses of Agenda 21? How many people in America are designated to live like poverty-stricken third-worlders to achieve global equity and a “local” third-world labor force for politically represented corporations?

And one more question: Since the “government” now owns the nations largest mortgage holders, do they own your homes and property as well? You know, the homes and properties that have been lost and foreclosed in the tens of millions? I suggest you watch for the federal rental, low-income  solutions. Soon, America, most will be paying rent to the feds to live in “their” housing or perhaps to corporately owned housing, the "planned communities" right next to their sweat shops. One plus one still equals two. Even the uneducated rabble can figure that out.

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