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The E Word

The E Word


In conversations with people this past week and with topics running the gamut from jobs to cost of living, automobiles and road conditions, the cost of higher education and textbooks, to home, yard and even gardening expenses, a reoccurring theme kept emerging; that being the theme of exploitation.

I like the word ‘exploitation’ because it says a lot. It is a big word with big meaning, and its meaning is so applicable in today’s world that there is next to nothing that hasn’t been exploited for “the greater good” of global corporate initiatives and their economic stratagems. In today’s world, exploitation rules the day and the potential of humankind.

Beneath the umbrella of global economics, intellectuals coupled with corporate wealth and power and their masterful banking cartels implemented a governance system whereby eliminating individual nations and sovereignty. Most countries still believe they are individual nation-states, but they are so only in the minds of those who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that national sovereignty cannot exist under one-world governance. Global economics was designed to place all future wealth under the control of the same said groups, particularly control of all land, fresh and salt waters, all food, and all above and underground wealth. Globalism was established to enrich the richest people on earth to such an extent that they, in fact, bought the entire planet and all political leadership within most nations. They wanted it all and, at least today, they’ve got most of it.

Resisters are militarily attacked, as is plainly recognizable in the Middle East and in the U.S. with the raising of several homeland militaries, the buying of massive amounts of weaponry, and in the rapidly escalating attempt to disarm the American people. Global economics mandates, using the authority of the global enforcement of the United Nations that, globally, citizens must be disarmed.

Global economics has resulted in perpetrated social failures to such an extent that exploitation of human beings and their economic potential has left most of the world’s people in dire straits. Most people are now forced to tithe to all forms of governmental powers, rules, regulations, and privatized prisons; licenses and certifications of every make and measure, to governmentally imposed insurance mandates and increasing taxation; to every level of governmental educational systems, to all forms of communication, travel, gas and electric utilities, drinking water, and to everyday, standard necessities purchased in corporate retail stores. All of these enforced governmental tithing mandates ensure that 95% of the world’s people remain in the lower castes, thus permanently ensuring their low wage status and work-to-wage slavery. Exploitation is, today, the defining terminology for humankind under global economics.

This is why churches and universities invite speakers who preach globalism, American greed and materialism, and hatred of American history and tradition. Speakers as well as teachers, pastors, priests, and professors are preaching and teaching global citizenship and how to be good and satisfied corporate enrichment human resources; to possess nothing (no land or owned home or automobile) but to only work for the greater good of corporate wealth both globally and locally. Students are being trained to be happily exploited “for the greater good”.

The student government loan initiative was set into place to ensure the next generations would be automatically disqualified to buy homes because under global governance, private property is to be eliminated. It was also a way for governance to recover from the loss of home ownership and to keep the people’s money funneling into their coffers. It worked, and the students were well exploited. Fifty-three to fifty-five percent of recent college graduates are, today, working part-time jobs or low wage full-time jobs. They only have enough money to pay their loan payments with interest, live with their parents or with three or four other people simply to survive, which is also the most common Third World housing scenario.

Equally, today people must be compliant with all governance initiatives. Disagreeing with governance results in job losses, “domestic terrorist” designations in data bases, spying, mental illness designations, and in retention and incarceration without charges or legal representation; all of which legal according to global standards and representatives. As under Hilter, Stalin, and many others in the twentieth century, one day here, one day not.

Disagreeing with governance is becoming more dangerous with each passing day, which is why tanks, drones, and several new and armed military groups, including both hired and international forces, have been active and training in the U.S. for the past decade. Global economics is not going well on U.S. soil, with the American people finally waking up in record numbers, and the powers that be knowing that the people are very, very unhappy with their economic losses and the squelching of their legal rights and livelihoods.

Globalism is preparing to become insistent with the United States, much the same as in the Middle East and other areas across the globe. The boys who want it all simply did not appreciate the U.S. becoming the most successful nation, with the most successful commoners on the planet, and that offered the most rights and freedom to any people in the world; we were not modeling global exploitation to the rest of the world. We were modeling sovereign national success. Global corporatists and bankers want all “workers” to work for their power, wealth and rights.

Global economics and the exploitation of humankind are about continuity of power and wealth, nothing more and nothing less. The greed, however, has grown to pathological proportions, which is also why the entire world has been grant-funded into the mental health craze, diagnosing citizens in record numbers, classifying normal human emotions and ailments as mental illnesses, and drugging people into addictions and then redesignating addicts as mentally ill. What do you call people who want to rule the world, absolutely believing they are superior to 98% of humanity, who pathologically lie and deceive, who pay “experts” to implement technological theft and spying hardware and software, and who illegally purchase political representation? Do you want to know what they (and we) call themselves? Intellectually superior…they claim to be intellectually superior and, for the life of me, that is how we see them, too, which is why humankind allows them to continue their ongoing crimes against humanity. They are the birthers of all inequality and its resulting inhumanity on the planet. The fault lies at their feet.

As it stands, exploitation rules the day. We will continue to be robbed of our labors, our money, our country, our potential, and our futures. Nature will continue its rapid and insidious death, and we simply await economic collapse, lab created pandemics, and more and more forthcoming nightmares featuring drones, tanks, multiple internationalized military forces, more and more genetic and technological modifications of nature, including humans, and new and improved crises. But, hey…it’s all for the greater good. Truth must be sacrificed for the greater good. For the record, Christianity, as well as Judaism and Islam are mental illnesses according to our intellectually superior ring leaders. You might want to make note that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are now blamed for just about every problem in the world. No religious beliefs are permitted under global law, minus global warming. That’s an order.

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