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Panic-Based Terrorism: The Tool that Destroys Liberty

Panic-Based Terrorism: The Tool that Destroys Liberty


First and foremost, get it through your heads that no “elected” president will ever be allowed to change the global trajectory. All national leaders comply with the global economic agendas or they do not become national leaders. Pathetically, many Americans still believe otherwise because they do not read presidential executive orders, presidential directives, or read the international agreements signed by presidents. Pathetically, most Americans steadfastly refuse to do so having been conditioned to believe in conservative or liberal politics. They have been conditioned to believe that good vs. evil is a political either/or fallacy, a belief that has led the nation to its current condition. The truth is that all national leaders are global puppets who do exactly as directed.

Second, “terrorism” on a global scale is funded by national leaders. What Americans refuse to believe is that both sides of global conflicts are funded by national leaders so that “terrorism” resurfaces and continues unabated as “terrorism” makes people beg governments for help, safety, and “change”. Once a problem is created, long term and pre-determined solutions are implemented according to global economic agendas, the classic thesis/antithesis or, in proper terms, the Hegelian Dialectics of global theft. How, for instance, do you get militarized law enforcement and foreign troops on American soil to violently police the American people? Using “terrorism” to define conservatives and conservative organizations, gun owners, military veterans, raw milk producers, people with backpacks, children in schools, logical, questioning and creative thinkers, or in other words, “terrorists” around every corner. Once the people start to realize the psychological manipulations, national leaders raise the stakes. They instigate significant, large-scale terrorist events.

What would you do, for example, if a nuclear “event” occurred in the U.S., or a deadly pandemic began laying waste to entire populations in the nation? What would you do if they locked down every school for two weeks, and you were disallowed contact with your children? You would do whatever you were told to do, including turning over your fire arms, because such are the plans in action, globally. What would you do if you were disallowed to draw money from your bank accounts, such as in Cyprus? What would you do if Martial Law was declared, and you were told you could not drive or go to stores or work? There are reasons for the militarizing of American law enforcement. There are reasons for inviting Russian troops into the U.S. to help during large-scale “events” of which you and your family members will surely be victims. There are reasons for the urban military drills in all of the largest cities in the United States, which have been steadfastly practiced for more than a decade with foreign troops. What would you do if you were arrested for three felonies for buying a case of drinking water, for growing a vegetable garden, for wearing the wrong tee-shirt to school, or for walking down the street taking pictures with your cell phone? What would you do if your pets were shot for doing so? You would do exactly as you were told to do, including turning over your fire arms. Why do I keep raising the issue of fire arms? Your fire arms are the primary reason for the militarization of American law enforcement, which now includes Russian troops. On that note, expect significant “terrorism” to unfold, because it is believed that “terrorism” and your reaction to it in whatever form it transpires, is the ticket to disarming the American public. Your children, your pets, your health, and even your life—whatever it takes—the plan is to 1) disarm the American people, and 2) to frighten you into full compliance when the current economic system is ended, and the IMF loan system is enforced in the United States. Just like national leaders, you will obey or die.

Most people reading this will refuse to believe what has been offered. If another election happens prior to a nationwide or regional declaration of Martial Law, most people will flock to vote Republican or Democrat, and the game will continue unabated just as it has for 100 years. They will blame the red or the blue as the nation continues to free-fall directly into the hands of the global banking cartels and the royal echelons above them, just as it has continued to do for the past century. So, on that note, prepare for terror and a full economic collapse. I would tell you to run for the hills, but most of those are international properties, Biosphere Reserves, and are all but off limits and very well guarded. For the short-term, you are going to need a lot of stored food, water, and other supplies. For the long-term, and due to the American people’s refusal to believe what is before their faces, the future looks a lot like military occupation with a lot of foreign troops on U.S. soil. Perhaps we should ask the Mid-East about their experiences with the very same scenario.

In any case, your liberty is gone; your Constitution and Bill of Rights, your Declaration of Independence, and your bravery, gone. Terrorism was the tool used to eliminate your liberty, and you handed it over just as the TV and your blue and red politicians told you to do. I can only imagine what you will forfeit when the big terrors are scheduled to hit the nation. They are, in fact, coming.

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