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Water: The Unnatural Resource

Water: The Unnatural Resource

Humans have poisoned water for hundreds if not thousands of years, dumping every kind of poison and garbage in wells, creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans while steadfastly claiming innocence even to this day. People carry out water contamination while pretending to regard and revere the importance of ecological and human health. Much like nuclear weapons and power, water is another weapon in human suicidal ideations and arsenals.

Today rain is contaminated before it falls. Geoengineering, of course denied, ensures 1) chemically engineered rain/snow (and drought), 2) multi-contaminated artificial water, and 3) water that poisons the ground, all flora/fauna, all watershed systems, and has caused mass extinctions in land and aquatic insect life, plankton, birds and bats, naturally occurring fish (non-farmed), naturally growing food (non-GMO/Monsanto), and forests…globally. Insisting not to believe these facts speaks to the power of wishful denial at its finest.

Dane Wigington from has reported for years that naturally occurring weather no longer exists. I agree with him. I know what snow used to look like. What falls as snow today does not fall in starburst patterned flakes. It falls in what looks like sawdust shavings. Neither is it whitely glistening. Today’s snow is thick, sticky, and rapid melting.

Equally problematic to life on earth is radioactive drinking water knowingly sold. The five-part documentary (2011) by KHOU in Houston, Texas titled A Matter of Risk: Radiation, Drinking Water, and Deception (Mark Greenblatt; David Razig; Keith Tomshe; Phillip Bruce) takes a disturbing look at elected government criminals and employees squirming and running for cover when confronted with lies and crimes against people in their communities due to public water known to be contaminated with radiation. Each link is 5 to 10 minutes. Please watch them in order:

Artificial and radiation-contaminated waters have caused epidemic sicknesses and the general malaise of the world’s people and other forms of biological life. Nothing is thriving in the plant and animal kingdoms. Sunlight, also needed for biological survival, has also been blocked by nearly 25% (vitamin D deficiencies caused by geoengineering’s so called Solar Radiation Management). Geoengineering also admittedly damages the ozone layer (UVA/UVB radiation exposure) and acidifies water. Refer to skin cancer statistics here:

And water acidification info here:

Also, more current scientific verification of immediate danger:

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