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Move to a Rural Area – Part II

Move to a Rural Area – Part II

Michael Snyder’s article titled “12 Shocking Clues About What America Will Look Like When The Next Great Economic Crisis Strikes” really hit home with me. It is very clear that our society, perhaps even our culture, is breaking down in terms of a strange and pervasive violence that is overtaking fundamentally normal human behavior. We are starting to look and act like war zones with brutal violence becoming daily occurrences.

This violence is playing out particularly in young people and also law enforcement, and this is a bad sign of an ongoing and violence-based future and particularly frightening when the gun control bandwagon keep moving us toward the criminalization of self-protection. It is also a bad sign when onlookers watch and do not help when people are arbitrarily attacked; a very direct window into our deteriorating humanity and acceptance of violence.

In Part I, I strongly suggested getting out of the urban areas citing concerns for possible future events. Today, I again stress the importance of getting away from heavily populated areas and of grouping together under one roof or in small communities. Equally, it is critically important to get several months-worth of food, water, tools, personal supplies and medicines prepared and readied, and it is necessary to prepare for defense. Alternative heat and light sources are also mandatory coupled with proper seasonal clothing and bedding.

A power grid failure or attack has been guaranteed by the government as have been pandemic-level sicknesses. Do not take this lightly. Both have been guaranteed, and so it is up to you to be proactive on behalf of your families and neighbors. Talk to people. Encourage them to stock up and explain the possibilities. When you see sales, spread that news and encourage people to partake, and always, always buy in bulk, even if you can only afford to buy two of something, as two may get your through one more day. Equally, as the economy is far beyond fragile, it is best not to keep money in banks. Once automatically deposited, withdraw it and keep your cash on hand.

Another suggestion is to never throw away any liquids’ containers. Even if they are not appropriate for drinking water, they will do for toilets and perhaps for bathing or other washing needs. Wash and then fill all containers and store them in garages or basements. You can never have too much water. Also consider buying a Water Bob or water drums. I actually can’t think of a more important thing to buy.

Most people will remain not only unprepared, but wholly unprepared with no extra food or water. Should any emergency disrupt deliveries to stores, all stores will 1) be cleared within one or two days, and 2) will eventually be looted. You do not want to be among either of those crowds. As such, make sure you also have an all-emergency radio (I have a Midland) and plenty of extra batteries.

Finally, immediately talk to your local churches and sheriffs about holding preparedness gatherings to encourage family and community coordination, and to learn in advance what local law enforcement will expect from its community members during emergencies. It is best to get to know them and to help them during times of trouble. They have been trained very differently in today’s world, and you do not want to be on the wrong side of their orders, duties and expectations. Offer to learn from them and to help maintain the security of your areas, and get their advice for community preparedness. Kindness and respect go a long way. However, this will not be the case in the urban centers where problems will result in immediate criminality. Those forces are not going to be anyone’s friends, and should a national emergency ensue, the presence of foreign troops is very possible as they have been training with law enforcement, the DHS and FEMA for upwards of a decade in America’s urban centers. As most foreigners are not American-friendly, get out of those centers.

If you have family in small towns or in rural areas, have them help you find rental properties, but do so now. Also remember that all personal skills will become very valuable in an emergency to ensure the continuance of your families and communities, but you have to have supplies. Get them in now. Also, and before the ground freezes, dig out a campfire pit, making sure it is to local code (usually at least 8 inches deep and ringed with a non-flammable border such as rocks, bricks or concrete landscaping borders, or get a burn barrel where an oven rack can be set on top for cooking. Make sure you have at least one cast iron pot or skillet for outdoor cooking.

Another consideration: pets. During an emergency, you must be realistic regarding priorities. Very few animals will allow themselves to starve to death if let outdoors. Hopefully, you have not declawed your pet cats. If you can, spend money on cat food and litter, but it is not realistically advised to do so. Dogs can be important contributors during emergencies, and dogs can and will hunt when necessary. They will also eat just about anything if hungry. Regarding small, caged critters, all I can say is, “priorities first”.

Finally, the world is literally chalk-full of single women with children and the elderly. They are vulnerable populations during emergency situations, and they need to be helped and secured as most do not have enough money to prep. Know who they are and where they are in your communities, and be prepared to take them in, period. They, too, will bring skills and help to your households, and it is imperative that we have their backs. Our humanity and love for our neighbors will be put on trial in the days and years to come, and we must all rise to the challenges and retain our decency. Churches should immediately orchestrate plans for all single mothers and seniors, and all preppers must be on board to help in this effort.

Get your selves and your families out of the cities right now.

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