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The Takeover of Humanity

The Takeover of Humanity


Talking to a friend last night, we pondered the technological takeover of humanity. Beginning with our beloved “devices” and screen addictions, the marketing of such devices, and all the world’s databases controlling the flow of money, economies and nations, security, law enforcement, militaries and weapons, banking, employment and healthcare, we realized it was only a matter of time before humans were “interfaced” with such systems. We realized the sick joke of the “green” psychological manipulation, of sustainability and of nature worship. We realized the extent to which the world has been overtaken by divisive people and their power mongering for riches and control not only of humans, but also of biological nature. We realized we are on the precipice of a “change” so profound and all-encompassing, and one that human beings cannot readily believe is upon them; they cannot will themselves to believe in the truth of technological evil and the people and powers behind mass technological control.

We have been trained to worship science and scientific advancements. We have been trained to automatically worship scientists and engineers, peace and science prizes, and to never question the discoveries of those we call geniuses. We believe they are better than the rest of humanity, and that the masses are ignorant by comparison. We believe, profoundly so, in elitism. As such, when the people with the most money in the world bought the world’s scientists coupled with the world’s political leaders, they custom-ordered their wills into actual existence. This is not a new development but began in earnest in the late 1800’s. That may seem like a long time ago, except that my grandparents were born in the 1880’s. It was not a long time ago. In 12.5 decades, the world has arrived in the year 2013, and the entire world is collapsing.

All of Europe is in carefully manufactured crisis with all but the rich suffering. The Middle East is brutally suffering due to outside interferences related to its only asset, oil, and with all but the rich suffering. Much of Asia is in crisis, suffering from radioactive contamination, over-population, chronic poverty that has always been related to caste systems and the refusal to provide rights to women, all enforced by the rich and all suffering minus the rich.

Africa, a continent teaming with wealth in natural resources, has suffered beyond comprehension due to the world’s contempt for African cultures, black people specifically, and caused by the historic outside interferences of profiteers. The South and Central Americas have also been decimated by conquering armies, poor and corrupt leadership, widespread poverty of the masses, and today funding their nations with Black Market economics and the resulting brutality that insidiously prays upon their people and psyches; many becoming criminals simply to survive and all suffering minus the rich.

The United States has transformed from the most successful nation in the world to a global joke; a nation disrespected, hated, and with its people demonized, all the result of government military intervention into the entire world and its elimination of the American peoples’ legal rights to live well rather than in poverty, and all suffering minus the rich.

One percent of the world’s people, the world’s filthy rich, through their policies and aspirations for global economic control of all future wealth (global natural and human resources), through their banking systems, particularly their Bank for International Settlements (the central bank for central banks), and the fact that they are lawless, meaning they do not follow the laws of any nation nor are they required to do so, have damaged the entire world to such an extent that the world’s people find themselves powerless in hunger, landlessness, chronic sickness and disease, and with billions having no access to medical treatment or even water, and all the while the rich manipulating global rules, regulations and wars from mansions, private jets, and forcing the world’s people into slave labor forces. The mass of humanity is hated and loathed by these people because they are only the one percent. However, they control the other 99 percent; the world history of cruelty, war and murder.

The answer to the world’s problems, according to the filthy rich, is two-fold: elimination and alteration. Depopulation through the use of super viruses has been used and will continue to be used as guaranteed by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease “Control”. Technologically interfacing humankind with militaristic computer systems is step two. Sadly, the human addiction to technological entertainment has humankind excited about such interfacing. Sadly, the interfacing is happening as we speak, first through “medical” devices, “security” systems, “Smart Meters”, and governmental and contractual spying on every daily aspect of human life. Sub-dermal chipping, digital tattooing, and nano-particle substances now operative within and upon human beings is humankind’s new reality. Millions of people, plants, and animals are now patented life forms, which makes them corporately “owned”.

In all the information offered in this article, in all of the realities of today’s world, not one event or invention was desired by the world’s people; all has been imposed and forced by the one percent who live like kings and queens of the earth. Everything they have imposed is a nightmare that never befalls them as lawless and soulless creatures. Sadly, the people refuse to accept this suicidal truth. Instead, they choose to further enrich the wealthy and powerful crimes against all humanity and all of nature and call themselves sustainably responsible. The problem is, you will not be sustained unless you are of the one percent.

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