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Government Gives “Party” Favors to the Poor, Government Quadruples Poverty

Government Gives “Party” Favors to the Poor, Government Quadruples Poverty

If you have always been poor, anything the government claims it does on your behalf looks good. However, notice that your poverty never improves nor does it go away. A new phone may seem good, but you are still eating out of dollar stores, having your utilities shut off, and you remain jobless, under-educated and, frankly, without hope for a better future. There is a reason why, you know.

You are eating out of dollar stores because the price of mostly imported food (fruits, vegetables, meats) has tripled, while government “farm bill” and genetically modified foods (cheap carbohydrates) are the cheapest. That is why being poor also made you the sickest populations in the United States. Equally, as Obama stated that your utility bills would “necessarily skyrocket”, you are the most vulnerable to unaffordable gas and electric costs; you absolutely cannot afford them when two-income families cannot afford them.

When you are poor you are provided with the worst educations and schools in the United States. That means you are barely literate. You have governmental problems related to reading and writing, mathematics and science, which make you unattractive in the job marketplace. In reality you simply cannot compete for good jobs and, in reality, some of you are not qualified to work anywhere. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? That’s because government dis-education hurt you to a level of permanence.

However, your impoverished situations are highly desired because you are helping transnational corporations in their never-ending quest for slave-based laborers. After getting a taste for slave laborers in Third World nations, paying those exploited slaves next to no wages or no wages at all, they desire American laborers to follow suit. Sadly, you are leading the way, which is why the government is championing your poverty and rewarding you with phones, food stamps, housing assistance, utility assistance, childcare assistance, etc., BUT…guess what…you remain permanently impoverished in spite of all assistance. You remain poor as church mice with no hope for a brighter future, which is called slavery; slaves at home, slaves in the marketplace, slaves in part-time, minimum wage work, slaves in prison, just simply slaves.

Considering many of you cannot afford automobiles or “mandatory” auto insurance, your next forthcoming nightmare is upon you, “mandatory” Obamacare. You are going to be required to pay another very large monthly bill. If you do not pay the bill, you are going to be committing a federal crime, which will eventually disqualify you from receiving government assistance, and it may lose you your children as well. Federal offenders are big-time criminals with permanently destroyed job opportunities, and that is going to be a really tuff designation for the nation’s poorest people. Fancy phones are not going to help. The only thing that will help is to realize you have been used and abused by a government that championed your ongoing poverty, which has now extended to 80% of the U.S. population. This was NOT by accident. Yep.

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