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Besides Insistence, There is No Rift between God and Science

Besides Insistence, There is No Rift between God and Science

The rift between faith and reason continues at the insistence of humankind, but it is and has always been not only a ridiculous rift, but the perfected justification for the human propensity for violence. Clearly, and without any reasonable evidence to the contrary, human beings love and seek violence. You couldn’t get a human being to stop warring for five minutes if you tried, invented, experimented, drugged, poisoned, or prayed.

People base entire economies on war and bloodshed. People pay to be entertained by carnage in movie theaters, on cable and digital TV; they even pay others to perform hits, to target groups and races, and they use mass media to document such carnage. They purchase violence-based games, which are, consequently, the biggest sellers, and they even target children, families, and elderly innocents with drones, lab-created viruses, and other insundry poisons. Sadly, religion is often the cause of global violence, past and present, and today science is insisting that religion is “terroristic”, even while science is grant-funded to create very creative weapons of mass destruction of human life. Like I said, the ongoing BS between faith and reason marches onward, perhaps to see which one wins the all-earth award for brutality and murder.

Unfortunately for humankind, it is humankind’s insistence that God and science cannot co-exist and that there can be no neck of land between them when, in actuality, this is simply untrue. What is the problem with the assumption that there is no disconnection between God and science, and why throughout history have we continued to irrationally and cruelly insist upon maintaining and recreating this irrational and unwinnable war?

Most of the world’s people have faith in God. Even people without access to or information regarding the world’s primary religions find faith in God nonetheless. Coupling this fact with the creative nature of God and his human image, it makes perfect sense that scientific research and discovery is Godly and human nature. Why have people studied the earth, the air, geography, the seas and lakes, all of flora, fauna, and the universe since the beginning of human life? The answer is that we cannot stop ourselves from doing such, nor should we.

Here is reality/what we know: We are living on a fire-filled rock that is spinning around a gigantic fireball (gigantic from our perspective sizes), while suspended in space, and our fire-filled rock is covered in water. Its total weight is unimaginable, yet we float in space; a rock whose outer surface is water-covered over a fire core. It is extraordinary by design, our entire world and existence, and yet our world is but a speck of dust in the totality of the universe. It is unreal, magical, bizarre, wonderful, and seemingly impossible except that it is somehow not impossible. As such, we study this mystery because it beckons our understanding, and this understanding we call science, the science of creation, selves included, and how it works.

For thousands of years humankind has been fighting, warring, and torturing over these extraordinary mysteries, which is unconscionable because we have chosen to do so at the expense and great loss of biological life. Equally, we understand the universal nature of systems, the clumping of patterns so to speak, and we understand that the known universe is made of specific structures, again suggesting design. Since we know there are systems, patterns and common structures that make the known universe hold together and work systematically, then it is also rational to assume that parts of the universal system may, in fact, be random, but that much of it is a system by a design that somehow functions, like keeping a whole lot of water on the surface of a rock sphere that is spinning in space around a gigantic fireball. Are we going to study this most extraordinary phenomenon of seeming impossibility? Uh, yeah.

But are we going to continue to slaughter each other and the very systems we study to prove there is no God or no random or unknown science? Is our insistence on being right that bloodthirsty after all these thousands of years or, possibly, is there another potential angle to this absurd conflict?

What if “church” and “politics” keep the war going for reasons of power, theft, and manipulation of the masses? Looking at today’s news, gosh…that might be possible, do ya think? It’s not like there isn’t a designed system in place to enforce our beliefs in “nature” (which the powers that be are destroying by genetically redesigning all of nature, including you), “the greater good” (which corporations and their billionaires are enjoying greatly while you are sacrificing your health, legal, and human rights for their pathological greed), “the community” (which means working longer hours for far less money and paying higher taxes), and “safety” (which means you do as you are told when you are told or pay the consequences, terrorists). Oddly, religions and politics are onboard with all these designed systems. They like to call them “faith-based” and “global”.

Smart people do not fight over beliefs in God or beliefs in non-god sciences. Smart people watch the manipulators of God and sciences, and they acknowledge when they are being manipulated by refusing to be stupid and violent. There is no war between God and science. In fact, they are one in the same system, and we are so lucky to study this magnificent project. It’s the other systems we need to worry about. God and science are fine. Political and religious heretics, however, are another story. Check history and read the news if in doubt.

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