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Well Learned Helplessness

Well Learned Helplessness


One of the worst things a person can do, especially a person of faith, is be resigned to live life as an illusion; for example, accepting economic life beneath the Federal Reserve and international banking cartels, which are illusions of expertise when, in truth, they are dictatorial thieves. The problem with agreeably accepting illusions is a resulting apathy that grows to national and cultural levels, which everyone knows but pretends does not exist. Historically, over and over again, nationalized apathy or “hear no, see no, and speak no evil” rationalizes and justifies dictatorships because “…we can’t do anything about it”. This may be true in light of the fact that gardens are not growing normally, trees are not producing fruit normally, and even seasons have become aggressively abnormal.

Even so, covert aggression wins when populations adopt postures of helplessness and accept any form of illusion that leaders impose, particularly that leaders and “experts” know best and determine the best interest of all others. How many lessons in history does one need to comprehend the dangers of such apathy and willful non-thinking?

It is especially disturbing when people of faith play apathy ball. It is true that God’s will, will be done, but participatory apathy is untruthful. Equally, it leads to justification of and participation in dangerous and delusional missions, and it also leads people of faith to self-interest, self-survival, and self-idolizing arrogance. People of faith begin to operate within the illusion. “Well, we just want to survive…” Good luck with that. One thing is for sure: any political system that insists upon a denial of reality is not going to be long-lived. Everything, very soon, is going to change.

Truth and lies are not difficult concepts. Acceptance and non-acceptance, participation and non-participation are clear-cut distinctions as well. Helplessness, however, is a denial of God on every level. Despair is a denial of God. So is participating in grand theft illusion, stakeholders.

It is one thing to humbly eke out a living as best as we can, as God determined we would do. It is quite another to “partner” one’s self to illusory missions that enforce a denial of reality, that serve to deceive and control people, their potential, to take their properties, their health, and to aid and abet surreal criminality.

Call it what you will, Christians. Call it sustainability, call it the greater good, call it love of nature if you must; however, it’s all about money, government grant webs, and your delusion of constructive citizenship. Whatever you call it to justify your participation, it is a denial of truth, and you have learned your helplessness well. Stakeholding and partnering dependencies on governance make for interesting bedfellows, Christians. Good luck with that.

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