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The Exploited Believer

The Exploited Believer


The history of the church has been as guilty of human manipulation as has any government in the world. In fact, the indoctrination of the human mind goes hand-in-hand with both government and religious beliefs, which is why the church has had near constant political clout and/or power over governments worldwide. Though it is not an exclusively Christian phenomenon, Christianity is guilty of socio-religious-political control and manipulation of Christ’s followers. One cannot say it isn’t so.

This phenomenon is particularly significant in the United States because the separation of church and state, which never actually existed, is openly and absolutely non-existent in today’s America. Today’s churches are fully funded by the federal government and are stakeholding non-profit partners in federal agendas. As such, today’s Christians have been required to become social-civic Christians, anti-biblical Christians, and free-laborers to federal community mandates both nationally and globally. The churches, in order to comply with federal grant funding mandates, had to convince the flocks that their new missions were biblically framed but, in truth, they were federally born, raised, and defined initiatives. The church has nothing whatsoever to do with its own initiatives or programming, which is why all churches in the U.S. now present, preach, and carry out identical community and global missions.

What is so deeply disturbing about the federal-church partnership is twofold: 1) The American church buildings grew tremendously in number and in size while church attendance and memberships sharply declined, and 2) troubled and diagnosed youth were enticed to fill the empty pews to perform the mandatory volunteerism services legislated by the federal government. Due to today’s American churches of all denominations, literally tens of millions of American children are now performing free labor projects for the federal government, all summer long, both nationally and globally, but disguised under faith to Christian service, what the youth and their parents are told by church leadership.

In reality, churches are paid by the federal government to provide free labor bodies for federal services in the form of youth workers, and what makes the betrayal so extraordinary is that ALL church leadership knows that youth labor programs bring in big dollar payouts for their coffers. It seems that human trafficking is far more pervasive than the black market. In fact, it has become mainstream in today’s church missions; federal missions, that is.

The profound difficulty of this scenario is 1) in the knowing, and 2) in the telling. Parishioners do not want to hear the truth and church leadership does not want it told. Those who do understand the federal-church partnership have left the churches in droves, drastically lowering church memberships, which is the actual mission of the government; to ultimately make illegal the Christian religion. However, the peoples’ connection to the church, which is biblically defined, remains a powerful community force. Membership means acceptance in a private community. It creates connections to neighbors and community needs, but it also establishes localized profiling of parishioners, codes of conduct, watcher groups, and accountability partnerships. The question of whether this is good for people is a matter of opinion, but when the government provides large sums of money to churches in exchange for mandated profiling, codes of conduct, watcher groups, and accountability spies, one must consider the difference between God’s expectations and government expectations. There really is a world of worldly of difference.

When the Department of Homeland Security became the administrative authority over the 501 (c) (3) non-profit church in America (95% of American churches), churches went silent regarding their newly discovered pay load. Parishioners were not told. The American church, whose membership has been in steady decline for sixty years, grew like a weed. Newly constructed churches, mostly inter-denominational, multiplied in every suburb in the U.S. The older urban and traditional churches upgraded their windows, heating, electric, and plumbing, ordered new carpeting, kitchens, repaved parking lots, and bought up or leased land and summer camps, all as church memberships declined across the United States.

The results in the contemporary world are profound. The spiritual unity between men and women has all but collapsed in western nations, with divorce rates spiraling toward 55%, and with younger generations shacking up and producing children outside of marriage without regard for spiritual unions or for their children’s futures and security. Equally, the political feminism movement, which was instantaneously confiscated by corporatism and government partnerships, brought women outside of homemaking and child rearing and into the worldliness of virtual non-stop and lesser paid laborers as the work roles in homes remained steadfastly tied to the female gender.

Today’s women often work upwards of 16 to 18 hours per day in order to accomplish both labor and home tasks and requirements, leaving women exhausted, unhappy, and often mean. One of the sacrificial lambs to the contemporary automated working woman is her children, who were cast into roles of governmentally manipulated and trained cheap labor forces, with chronically diminished educations, decayed social and moral skills, and chronic substance and sexual addictions – all during childhood. In fact, the feminist movement insists to this day that women hand over their children to governing educational programs at age two or three, with tens of millions of children in the U.S. alone virtually leaving the home and influence of mothers as babies.

Contemporary children are raised their entire childhood by government schools versus parents, which is a spiritual, social, cultural, and educational nightmare to such children. They are educated by internationally canned educational indoctrination programs, and they are routed into work force categories by the time they reach middle school. By high school, programs to serve government interests, and they are then further enslaved by government loans for higher education IF their schools rate them as worthy of higher education. Most young people today, through the high school student rating databases (standardized tests and college entrance scores), are limited to two-year college programs, which crank out low wage laborers for local corporate interests. In effect, students have no free will or choice, beginning at childhood, for future careers. Equally, their parents, who have been systematically removed from influence, have no say in their children’s educational direction nor can they afford to pay for the higher education for their children; another perpetrated systemic manipulation.

Equally, today’s church, very much combined with today’s governance, commands automated and unquestioned compliance with their social/”community” mandates. As all forms of leadership are being trained to “facilitate” the flocks, true Christians must recognize the difference between social engineering mandates of grant-funded initiatives and the Bible. When the church is databasing poor and emotionally damaged children, and when it seeks them out in communities to meet grant requirements, something is very wrong; particularly when these children are then sent out to perform free labor in the name of Jesus or into summer camps to raise in-kind/match funding for the continuance of federal funding. Using God’s children to comply with federal funding, while funding mandates all programs eliminate the preaching of the Word, is exploitation; nothing more, nothing less. In fact, it is exactly like the public school social engineering/mental health complex; nothing more, nothing less. This is not Christianity; therefore, this is not Christ’s Church.

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