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Global Suppression of Free Speech, Free Thought and Personal Opinion

Global Suppression of Free Speech, Free Thought and Personal Opinion

We Americans focus upon our loss of rights, but “global governance” means “global”. Violence is rapidly escalating upon all of the world’s people by militarized policing forces—everywhere—because it has become illegal—everywhere—to disagree with “global” ideology. Violence upon the people is clearly the coordinated “global” methodology to ensure that “global” compliance is enforced.

I am astounded by the current global uprisings of the world’s people and equally horrified by their treatment. We are being beaten bloody into submission all over the world, and this we are to embrace as a fine and desired alternative to human rights. We are being arrested without charges, beaten behind closed doors and on the streets, groped by “agents”, stopped and searched while driving to work, and indefinitely detained for having personal opinions about the loss of fundamental rights to our opinions; the criminality of corporate governance and theft, epidemic poverty of the world’ masses, the total destruction of the world’s food supply and, as a result of “global” geoengineering, the total destruction of all of nature including the loss of sunlight. We are being beaten for declaring our opinions on these crimes against all of humanity and nature.

Every nation has unleashed upon its people militarized law enforcers who act like war criminals. This we are told to embrace while all globalist law makers turn a blind eye while advertising commitments to equality, equity and environment. They lie.

I am horrified by any nation’s leadership that allows this unconscionable mistreatment of people.  It is criminal, heinous mistreatment. This global initiative must be stopped. Global victimization to ensure the safety of criminal intent is pathological, and it must be stopped.

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