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Criminalizing Law Abiding Americans

Criminalizing Law Abiding Americans


Someone saves a deer, they are arrested. Someone grows edible herbs in a home garden, they are arrested. Someone picks a flower in a forest, they are arrested. Someone defends themselves against a home invader, he or she is arrested. Someone sells milk to their neighbors, they are arrested. A kid wears the wrong tee shirt to school, he’s threatened with imprisonment. Drink no alcohol, get arrested for DUI. Read a spouse’s email, get arrested. Hang a flag, paint a door the wrong color, let a lawn get brown, take a plastic knife or a squirt gun to school in a lunch box, drink a large pop, smoke a cigarette or cigar, leave dog poop on the ground, collect rain water for a garden, draw with chalk on the ground, recycle improperly, swear in a public place, you are a criminal, you will be charged, fined, and very likely jailed and evaluated for mental illness. Frankly, this is a micro-short list but, more importantly, this says volumes about the status of American citizens.

We operate beneath tens of millions of laws of which we are totally unaware, and we are oblivious to these laws for very good reasons; we are desired to be criminals, and particularly by privatized prisons that get top dollar for every incarcerated body and free labor for the products these prisons manufacture. However, there is much more to the story.

We should have known when tasering weapons were permitted that we were in trouble. We should have known when hundreds of cameras were recording people being beaten for traffic stops or even asking why they were being stopped that we were in trouble. We should have known when swat teams were breaking down the doors of dairy farmers and gardeners that we were in trouble. And we certainly should have known when teams of law enforcers were executing pigs, family dogs, and people trying to help their neighbors that we were in trouble because, today, the actual citizens of the United States are seen as criminals, even when we are wholly innocent and guilty of nothing.

Who and why the order was given to criminalize law abiding people is for all of us to determine, but it certainly has to do with all these new laws, new law enforcement weapons, law enforcement and military cross-training, gun rights, enforced belief systems, and contempt for American people—particularly American people who are trying to fight horrible and inhumane injustices.

What is happening to American children in schools is unconscionable. Nearly 30% of the American people being designated as mentally ill is unconscionable. Being arrested for giving neighbors a few tomatoes is unconscionable. Being beaten by law enforcement or forced to show your breasts during a routine traffic stop is unconscionable. Instead of arresting white collar criminals who 1) steal the public blind, 2) enforce illegal laws upon the public, 3) break every constitutional law that exists, 4) purposefully destroy the nation’s economy and jobs, and 5) who write and then hide laws of their choosing into existence to benefit corporate country clubs buddies, their financial backers, the IMF and the BIS; who illegally give away American land (Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites) to international entities (United Nations), and who are intentionally herding American people to locations of their choosing, we, the law abiding people of this country, are being arrested for living.

Both law enforcement and the military know that we are being mistreated, and they must stand up to whoever or whatever is forcing them to act unethically and immorally toward the American people. People are more important than wicked politicians and corporate billionaires. This has to stop! EVERY problem in this nation is the direct fault and instigated plan of politicians. Are you seriously going to beat the American people into some kind of insane political submission? And what exactly are we to submit to? What is the end game? What do you want and where is this horrible abuse taking our nation? Is this the kind of nation and treatment you want for your children and grandchildren? Why have you agreed to demonized ordinary American people? Has the country become a passive prison? We need law enforcement and the military to answer these questions. Why have the American people become criminals when you know, for a fact, where the actual criminality lies? The people have respected and honored your service their entire lives. You can’t seriously believe that what you are doing is right?! Look at the condition of this nation! Is this what you want, pounding on the people and with assault rifles in their faces? Is this what you want for your children?

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