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Regarding Syria: ANY Retaliation on American Soil IS the Kiss of Death to the American Constitution; NATIONAL Martial Law WILL Ensue

Regarding Syria: ANY Retaliation on American Soil IS the Kiss of Death to the American Constitution; NATIONAL Martial Law WILL Ensue

Let us keep in mind several very purposefully ignored issues:

The condition of the Pacific Ocean and the forthcoming nightmare upon the entire west coast AND the entire coastline going to the DHS and their international military partners;

Approximately half of adult workers in the U.S. have lost full-time employment and are also on welfare;

More than half of the children in the United States are raised by single mothers on multiple entitlements;

Nearly twenty million homeowners have lost their homes;

Homelessness has become illegal in many cities and towns;

Generations of American children are now uneducated;

Americans have, for decades, been sprayed with poisonous substances from airplanes;

AND against the will of the American people and the world, AND in spite of very clear warnings from the world’s largest countries NOT to attack Syria and warnings from the countries that supply oil to the U.S., we ARE going to suffer consequences like we have never encountered or even considered;

AND no one is telling the American people to prepare with ANYTHING except a “72-hour kit”.

What “they” also fail to mention are the results of Martial Law upon the people of this nation, such as:

No legal rights whatsoever minus military law at gunpoint and Obama’s ongoing Executive Orders;

Obama can remain president indefinitely;

You can be separated from your children and very likely permanently;

You can be forced into work details at gunpoint and forced to go to any location across the country;

Anything you have, including your automobiles, homes, bank accounts, food stores, and family members can be taken from you;

AND any new government can be implemented without your consent or even knowledge.

Aren’t you glad you have a 72-hour kit? Oh, yeah, I forgot…most of you didn’t bother to put one together. And keep one more thing in mind: the top people making all the decisions in this nation, listed above for your reading pleasure, are as follows and in their chain of command order:

1.      President Barack Obama

2.      Vice President Joseph Biden

3.      Speaker of the House John Boehner

4.      President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Joseph Leahy

5.      Secretary of State John Kerry

6.      Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew

7.      Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

8.      Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.

I hope you like “change”, because you are sure as hell-fire are going to get it. This is what happens when you are too ignorant to think for yourselves and allow tell-a-visions, teleprompters and professional speech writers to think for you. Just take a look at this crew. God help us. They are taking us to Syria (Iran).

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