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The Two-Party Stranglehold

The Two-Party Stranglehold


The two-party system has total control of politics in the United States. Third Party candidates have been denied equal access to the media and to the people…forever… and they have been unfairly and viciously targeted as weirdos, conspiracy theorists, unqualified candidates, and radicals…forever. As such and in truth, they rarely get elected to any office in the United States. When they are elected, they are ignored. We, the people, need a fresh approach to defeating the occupiers in office, and one such approach might be to hold our own elections and to elect those who choose to follow the original laws of the nation but this time doing do inclusively for all races and genders.

I often think of Ralph Nader. He has been telling the truth to the people of this nation since I was a child. He leans toward green environmentalism, but he is a truth teller and a good man. He understood corporate fascism for decades, blowing the emergency whistle non-stop before anyone else did, and he helped us to know the difference between good and bad products and good and bad consumerism. Ralph Nader is a very good man who never should have been ignored and demeaned.

Many libertarians are good people, and many of their ideas regarding strictly limiting the powers of government are obviously right on the money as are their beliefs that people are individuals and not collective victims of government theft. I do not agree with all libertarian opinions, but I agree with many of them. Equally, independents, constitutionalists, greens, and many other Third Party candidates, friends and family members have many excellent ideas and philosophies. However, all these parties and people have been so maligned and marginalized that they have become enemies of each other, and they cannot get a foothold or even a say in the halls of coup-power. Perhaps, then, the answer lies in separate elections designed and held by and for the people. Why? Here is reality:

The current power structure in the U.S. has 100% failed the nation. It has failed nature, food, water, soil, animals both domesticated and wild, little children, senior citizens, working adults, students, human health, jobs, and the entire national economy; it has failed states, cities, towns, burgs, agriculture and rural America, and it has failed the wilderness areas which now burn on a regular basis, particularly the areas re-designated as “international” Biosphere Reserves. It has failed all national infrastructures to such a degree that it sold the national infrastructure to foreign and/or corporate “investors” who have let it rot as our “international” roads, bridges and power grid systems so clearly demonstrate. Nothing the current power structure has touched has been left unscathed and, frankly, most is damaged beyond repair. What the rulers have done is criminal, because they damaged every national system in the U.S. purposefully in order to disassemble the constitutional system and to implement global corporate economics. They know it, and so do we.

This power structure has ignored the people of this country for 100 years, purposefully, and they have done everything they were told to do by their global string pullers, and in doing so retained power with the puppeteers selecting both red and blue candidates who worked in unison FOR DECADES to achieve all internal and global missions. The red and blue boys accomplished much of their national devastation using the powers of executive orders, proclamations, signing statements, memorandums of understanding, treaties, and presidential directives of which the people were clueless. Funny thing, though…we, the people, are not bound by laws that mandate we obey, for instance, executive orders. Pathetically, 90% of the people in the United States still do not know anything about executive orders, proclamations, signing statements, memorandums of understanding, international treaties, or presidential directives, but that is neither here nor there as they are far too late in knowing. However, the people of this nation can choose to be indivisible in order to ignore the power structure in exactly the same way that they ignored us and the desperate needs of the nation.

Democrats, republicans, greens, libertarians, constitutionalists, independents, and non-political Average Jane and Joe ALL know what is wrong in the nation, because ALL of us, together and at the same time, are living with the dire consequences of the coup-powers in office. So, don’t you think it’s time to put our heads together, to pool all our good ideas and to find real solutions that will stop killing both people and the planet? TRUST ME: the red and blue team, which is ONE TEAM, is going to continue to cause more and more dire problems because they are hired and paid to cause problems. How many decades of evidence and proof does one need?

The Pacific Ocean is dying as we speak as well as all life within it; senior citizens are purposefully drugged to death in the tens of thousands EVERY DAY in this nation; ONE-QUARTER of our school children are FORCED to take mind-altering, highly addictive drugs to attend schools; 100,000,000 adults are on welfare, wholly unemployed or working part-time jobs – ONE-THIRD of the entire U.S. population. How much more proof do we need when we have reached this crescendo as a DIRECT RESULT of the red/blue/red/blue/red/blue collective power control grid?

It is time for a new and improved election system; one that does not involve NOR ALLOW the two-party collective. You know I’m right, and continued divisibility is not an option. As human beings, we are SUPPOSED to have differing opinions, and we have to work TOGETHER to solve our national problems by acknowledging ALL good ideas–liberal, conservative, union, non-union, and non-political– and we need to do it now. Creativity and invention happens every day by every kind of person with every kind of opinion under the sun. Divisibility is simply not an option; else the two-party stranglehold will destroy all potential for correction.

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