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Fear Mongering or Fair Warning

A reader recently suggested I was fear mongering in an article I wrote regarding preparing for possible difficulties in the nation. He took issue with one section of a sentence which stated, “Be aware that we have no real idea if this drill will include armies in our streets, forced relocations; business and/or school lock downs,…”, stating that rational people would now discredit my article due to such fear mongering.

I do not like to disappoint my readers. In fact, I try very hard to maintain integrity and a style that has kept readers returning to my writing for nearly 15 years. I pondered at great length if I had overstepped a well-reasoned boundary line or assumption of potential events. As such, I looked back into our archives of international and national news headlines, stories and features, and the writings of thousands of journalists, non-fiction writers, social commentators, think tankers, and the men and women on the streets of this nation. Following this lengthy review, prayer and a re-examination of my obvious faults, I came up with this: I was right on the money; the article stands ( of my faults is arrogance).

1.      U.S. law enforcement officers across the entire nation have been militarized, trained and armed. Many now own tanks thanks to grants from the DHS and other departments of government. Foreign troops have been regularly practicing with the DHS, FEMA, and local law enforcers in most major cities in the United States for upwards of 10 years.

2.      Schools, from elementary to universities, have been practicing lock down drills for upwards of 10 years. So have businesses and churches, all of which having multi-level emergency procedures posted and readily available to teachers, administrators, and church personnel, and most facilities with auto-locking doors with swipe entry ID cards.

3.      A potential nationwide power grid down drill WILL throw the unknowing and the unprepared into panic, and many, many people, if history is to be believed on any level, WILL act out, will vandalize, steal and plunder, set fires, and endanger people and property. Court decisions regularly cause such behaviors as do weather emergencies and declarations of localized martial law. We’ve seen it played out from coast to coast for decades, and lights out darkness has always been a primary incentive for crime.

4.      Since the GridEx II drill will be the first three-nation power grid drill perhaps in history, there is no guarantee that once the grids are shut down that they will start right back up when desired. They do not know, and according to the multi- stakeholding and partnershipping drill participants, including government, the NERC, emergency responders including FEMA, electrical corporations, operators, maintenance crews, contractors, and related and partnering businesses and associates, this is uncharted territory, particularly INCLUDING two other nations and their partners and stakeholders. Maybe the power will pop right back on as scheduled; maybe not.

5.      Equally worrisome and disconcerting is the profound dishonesty of the U.S. government AND its illegal operations including black markets, constitutional illegalities on a daily basis, legislated theft and legislating by executive orders due to multiple declared states of emergency, which means, if I am correct, that the U.S. is currently operating under multiple and declared states of emergency, which have CURRENTLY circumvented the constitutional rights of the nation’s people; a clear indicator that martial law has ALREADY been declared and that we are ALREADY under military occupation with boots, tanks, military-issue rifles and other weapons issued to our police officers, sheriffs and state troopers, including checkpoint stoppages, searches and seizures, and arrests.

Fear mongering? No. Offering fair warnings to the people of this nation? Definitely so. Not only has this government been practicing militaristic scenarios on American soil for years, they have also been acting with bizarre aggression toward children in schools, family pets, farmers, homeowners, and wholly innocent people, nationwide. They have also declared massive groups of American people as domestic terrorists, people who are clearly NOT terrorists. As such, people need to be prepared for…God knows what… but any scenario that includes no lights, heat, access to food or water; children possibly being locked down in schools with lock-down instructions manuals and flipcharts in EVERY individual classroom, and a drill that will definitely, without question, result in roaming hoards with criminal intent…fair warning is more than in order.

I do not think that “fear mongering” is a fair or even reasonable call. What the American people ARE afraid of are military tactics being played out in this nation which mimic those in war-torn Mid-Eastern nations; that is what they fear, and EVERY “emergency” and “drill” and many “arrests” are playing out those exact same procedures and scenarios.

Finally, and item 6 on the list: We are told by officials in the highest offices in this nation that a cyber-attack is imminent, a 100% certainty. This government is itching to attack Syria and Iran, which everyone and their brother, globally, knows full well. When the government has repeatedly declared through the major media that Syria and/or Iran intends to attach us via cyber space and the nation’s power grid systems, a red flag is waving, like it or not. The people of this nation need fair warnings because America is currently under "peacetime" martial law; fact.

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