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Enforcement: How It Came to Dominate the U.S.

Enforcement: How It Came to Dominate the U.S.

The seemingly new governance model is not new.  It is based in long-existing governmental enforcement models and the ongoing enrichment of the world’s richest and most powerful people and their self-protection.  They believe they are above average Joe and Jane and they believe in dictatorship over the masses of humanity, which they find to be lesser but necessary labor forces.

In the most successful governmental system known to date, the U.S. once provided the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for most, but it did not provide such for many women or people of color.  This foundational flaw left the back door open for dictatorial wealth and ideologies to buy their ways into the American government and, today, the results are all but evident.

Today United States citizens are told that they do not have inalienable rights, only governmentally sanctioned privileges.  They are told what to weigh in the form of allowable BMI percentage point ranges, what to eat, what they should drive being governmentally privileged to drive by annual licensing permissions only, how much energy they should use according to invasive technological meters, where to live and not live; how, when and where to profile themselves, and they must allow advocate profilers to check their compliance with health mandates, child care, student compliance and their social opinions, and to check their appliances, weather stripping, windows, etc.; all of which reporting to partnering authorities their findings.

Homes are now examined by maintenance code inspectors who, upon poor inspection reports, force Americans to vacate their properties.  They are also privy to eminent domain takeovers where homes are force-sacrificed for the greater good of community corporations and tax collectors. Americans are also kept in the dark on land use plans that include re-designating local real estate as off limits to people. Equally, and to this day, the American people remain untold about the 100+ million U.S. acres that were given to the United Nations that then re-designated the acres as international territories in the form of "Biosphere Reserves", including entire states.

Americans are hounded on a daily basis by Congress and the United Nations to willingly give up all rights to protection and privacy, and they are purposefully designated as domestic terrorists for disagreeing with increasingly dictatorial federal and state governments and hidden, cryptic and open-ended legislative trickery.

When governments find the need to vilify citizens, historically they change from servants of the people to dictators over the people.  When they back up such changes with armed national security forces, there can be no other conclusion drawn minus the enforcement of governance intentions.  In all of human history, such vilification has resulted in bloodshed.

The American people, who primarily believe in the American Constitution, Christianity and the Second Amendment, are not terrorists. They are American people, and no amount of media manipulation, outright lies or coercion can make them terrorists. And when a new military force is illegally created and raised as an armed force to be used against innocent citizens while at the same time stockpiling weapons and ammunition, no other conclusion can be drawn minus bloody intentions impending against the citizens of the U.S.

The progressively rapid escalation of legislative trickery, insult, and demonization of the American people by their government is a case study in the repeating history of dangerous governments rising to power. No longer do the three branches of government work to serve the people of the United States.  They hold the people in such contempt that they alter laws to redefine the people as enemies, even raising internal armies training to act against them.

Sadly, very sadly, it is the people’s ignorance that allowed for such usurpation of government.  In the people’s idolizing of wealth and power, they elected wealth and power to represent them; the same wealth and power that has throughout history despised and feared the masses.  Throughout history the results have remained the same in the enforcements of safety and continuity of the wealthy and powerful.  It would appear, with clarity, that another humbling and culling of humanity is planned.  It is clear that the government is worried about its actions and the awakening of the United States citizens, the world’s most armed people.

History is in the making.  Boring times, these are not, but on a daily basis the government is becoming more brazen in its contempt of the American people.  Americans are not terrorists, but rest assured, they are not as stupid as the government hopes. Whatever the results, the government has overstepped legal and moral boundaries, which the American people know full well. Should the nation be attacked by foreign or domestic means, Americans will rise united to meet the challenge of their safety and their constitutional duties. They have a right to life and to freedom.

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