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Let’s Talk About the Greater Good, Shall We?

Let’s Talk About the Great Good, Shall We?

In 2015, 1,826 billionaires exist with their combined wealth being $7.05 trillion dollars. There are 7.3 billion people on the planet (so we are told). Therefore, let’s talk about “the greater good.”

If you look at the 2015 billionaires list you see entrepreneurs who control the markets, exploit Third World laborers, most of which trafficked into slave factories, and billionaires who avoid taxes. You can call them good and successful people if that is what you have been trained to believe, but these are not people who believe in any way, shape or form in “equality, equity, or the environment”. If you believe this, you are far worse than a moron; you are immoral.

The wealth of the entire world and throughout human history, resulting from slave labor, has been systematically stolen from the people who performed the work. Redistribution of wealth is not new; it is the history of wage and tax-based theft. It is the historical paradigm of power and wealth creation through human exploitation.

How many millennia of human history will pass before the weight and viciousness of this paradigm is stopped? How many wars marking every period of human history will continue to ensure total wealth and power to less than a handful of people?

Stolen wealth and enforced taxation have always controlled political representation. To believe otherwise is also immoral ignorance. Equally, “terrorism” is nothing new; it is another constantly renamed historical paradigm to ensure the masses do not turn on their enslavers. All “enemies” are created and set upon exploited peoples to detract them from the actual theft of their labors and their resulting poverty and misery, generation after generation, millennium after millennium.

It is beyond comprehension that the world continues to worship billionaires even when they own and operate media outlets, which solely exist to insist that the world falls at their feet. Today, however, is different. They have destroyed the world’s food supply, waters, air, and soils, and they are taxing laborers for this destruction while at the same time eliminating their wages.

Preparing for the elimination of human labor, jobs are now part-time at best and global unemployment is rising annually in every nation. As technology marches rapidly forward to transform human slavery into robotic labor forces, their plans to “reduce over-population” also march rapidly forward. Expect their promised pandemics. Expect targeted nuclear strikes in highly populated areas where there is little interest in natural resource wealth. They have planned for decades to eliminate the bulk of the global population. As such, ignorance by the world’s masses is no longer tolerable or acceptable. The normalcy bias is today nothing shy of criminal insanity.

Billionaires could solve the very real suffering of humanity by redistributing their wealth to every person on the planet; they could solve hunger and thirst, human exploitation, the destruction of all natural resources and natural biology; all could be solved by redistributing their wealth to the world’s people, because it is the world’s laborers who know how to perform all necessary work. Billionaires only know how to enrich themselves by cheating, exploiting, and taxing slaves.

To the world’s people, I say this: They are keeping us barely alive until we are replaced with technology, and we are getting sicker and weaker with each passing year. Most people alive today can fall no farther; they are at the limits of survivability, and every billionaire knows this to be the case. Obamacare will not save or treat you, and no one can afford to pay this massive monthly tax meant solely to replace property taxes.

The only way to achieve “the greater good” is to return $7.05 trillion dollars to the world’s people. If the $7.05 trillion is not returned to the world’s people, only elitists and their minions will remain because, according to those same billionaires, humans will be depopulated. If you believe otherwise, you are immoral in every sense of the word.

If all you can do is protest for a raise in “minimum wage,” you condone the very meaning of slavery by billionaires. If all you can do is praise international trade treaties, which spell out corporate billionaire law, you are one of them. If all you can do is vote for another international representative of the world’s billionaires, you are wholly suicidal and immoral.

This is the last call, people; the last chance. Their wealth must be redistributed back to the world’s people, and their theft of wealth and power must be broken. This is the only means to a greater good.

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