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The New American's  Manifesto

You can take our freedom. Just don't take our fireworks.

You can take and sell our wilderness and coastal areas. Just don't take our love of nature.

You can take our private property. Just don't take our smart phones.

You can take our jobs. Just don't take our Bridge Cards or HUD housing.

You can take our children. Just don't take our reality shows.

You can take our schools as long as schools raise our children.

You can take our Constitution. Just don't take our tattoo identification and piercing parlors.

You can sell the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Just don't take our Chinese super-stores.

You can force a Civil Society. Just make sure that as civilian labor forces we are referred to as community volunteers.

You can build a cross-trained police state. Just make sure we despise guns and violence and rally for international peace.

You can take our peace/love/dove. Just make sure we are taught military worship.

You can take our gun rights. Just don't take our non-stop global wars.

You can take our individual states' rights. Just don't take our states of denial.

You can relocate us into human settlements. Just make sure that crises are masterfully executed ensuring our obedient willingness to relocate for "the greater good".

You can grow the power and wealth of The Establishment. Just make sure we are comfortably drugged and numb.

You can grow the billionaire/black market Ponzi/fiat profit racket. Just make sure the secret formulas remain hidden in technological and mathematical mazes.

You can regionalize the world. Just make sure that regional convergence turns into totalitarian world governance in a metaphysical vision of natural loveliness and world peace.

You can take away our mobility. Just don't take our tell-a-visions.

You can alter social reality with mass media. Just don't take our mood altered, flat affect coolness and screen addictions.

You can eliminate all competition. Just teach our children to despise the selfish middle class mom and pop.

You can take our history. Just don't take our apathy.

You can take our watershed systems. Just don't take our diet pop.

You can alter all life with nano-science and GMO concoctions. Just don't take our tell-a-vision nature shows because we love chipped animals and computer model catastrophes.

You can take our power grid systems. Just don't take our mood regulators.

You can take our future. Just don't take our healthcare-based euthanasia centers.

You can create more crises. Just make sure we are appropriately victimized and have something about which to rant and blame..

You can take Washington D.C.. Oh, right… you already did that…

You can take our naturally occurring weather. Just don't take our tanning beds.

You can spray poisons from airplanes all over our planet. Just enact the don't ask/don't tell policy.

You can take our beef cows.. Just don't take our genetically modified tofu, salad greens, fruit, pigs, poultry, fish, and Golden rice.

You can take our family farms. Just don't take our drive-thru substances.

You can take our universities. Just don't take our minimum wage, part-time jobs.

You can take our automobiles. Just don't take our cell phones.

You can take our international taxes. Just don't take our international knickknacks.

You can create the NAU. Just make sure our mini-huts are landscaped, come with two-mountain bike garages, and private policing services.

You can crash the economy. Just don't teach us what "economy" means and issue biometric debit cards.

You can take our religion. Just don't take our chocolate bunnies and artificial trees.

You can take our privacy. Just don't take our homeowner association dictators.

You can take our traditional family values. Just don't take our sex friends and abortion clinics.

You can micro-manage all life on Earth. Just ensure our sustainable welfare state.

You can take our reproductive rights and health. Just don't take our family planning think tank billionaires.

You can take our unborn children. Just don't take our gender empowerment.

You can create and misplace manufactured super-viruses. Just don't talk about them or the data basing of our DNA.

You can patent our DNA. Just don't take away our numbered and catalogued vaccines and flu shots.

You can intermix our DNA with plants and animals. Just don't forget to let us out of your human resource cages from time to time.

You can ration our water. Just give us mass produced energy hydration fluids so that we can work longer hours.

You can take our livable wages. Just keep printing fiat play money or give us fiat nano-cards.

You can take our men. They didn't protect us.

You can take our women. They didn't do anything except spend fortunes on bad decorating and be mean, angry, and manic.

You can take our children. They want to be transformer/transhuman warrior assassins.

You can take the Greatest Generation. They turned out for decades to elect tyrants as long as their investments held out.

You can take the Baby Boomers. They are materialistic money-addicted sellout losers who were too cool to care.

You can take Gen-X. Just take them..

You can take Gen-Y. Their parents and schools flat-lined their brains.

You can take Gen-Z. They are too afraid to function and are also highly drugged.

You can take a look in the mirror. Freedom died because of you -- specifically you and particularly you. You got it all and gave nothing back. And you even had an instruction manual. It was called The Constitution.

Well, transhuman, you better be one valuable, genetically mapped and wrapped human resource. Welcome to your cool natural utopia. Sorry to say it wasn't the invention of Mother Earth's butterflies and fairies, but rather think tanks, politicians, international elites and royalty, central bankers, and the world's richest industrialists and CEOs.

As it turns out, slavery is a very ironic thing. Its ending is celebrated, yet its invitation is all but worshiped.
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