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The “Change” That Kills

The “Change” That Kills

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reported that approximately 805 million people were estimated to be chronically undernourished between 2012 to 2014. If that is the case, which may or may not be true since it is the UN reporting as much, then the number of multi-millionaires and billionaires must also be counted.

There were 1,645 billionaires in 2012.

There were 2,325 billionaires in 2014.

Equally, there were 13 million millionaires, and nearly 5 million multi-millionaires (those worth over 10 million).

The billionaires alone control nearly half of the total wealth in the world, while 805 million were starving between 2012 to 2014; approximately 9 million dying from such annually.

Welcome to equity.

Welcome to equality.

The world’s people are losing civil rights on massive scales; rights to privacy, free speech, to assemble, to protest, to work, to have access to water and biological food, and they are becoming more and more food insecure due to artificially engineered weather, which is known to cause annual global drought and flooding.

Genetically modified crops have destroyed healthy food for humans, food animals and wildlife, and global soils. GM crops have also destroyed above and underground water supplies, which must now be treated with chemicals and, of course, fluoride as elite concern for teeth is infamously known.

The elite rich eat organics grown in greenhouses and drink specially bottled water. Their meats are also specially raised.

The rest of the world’s people, supposedly totaling 7.3 billion, are forced to eat and drink altered substances created by millionaire and billionaire corporations and their global monopolies.

The rich have special “cleansing” spas, whereby they remove environmental contaminants. The rest of the world’s people cannot afford “cleansing” rituals or actual medical care. The rich also invest in self-stem celling to rid themselves of diseases. The rest of humanity cannot afford health care.

It was the UN, supposedly, that came up with the three E’s: environment, equity, equality. They have, in fact, destroyed all three on a global basis while treating the world’s people violently, cruelly, viciously, and most certainly without compassion or sympathy. Think UN troops.

Add to this their enforced pharmaceutical and black market substances, also the businesses of millionaires and billionaires; the ones that kill 10’s of millions annually.

Welcome to “change” which is in actuality the elite plan for global depopulation.

Bottom line: Sick people cannot rebel, which has always been known and a war tactic used throughout known history.

You feel the “change”? You should, because that which has sustained throughout human history has been “changed”; food, water, air, soil, weather.

The icing on the cake is incessant global war. Why? Because elite greed is insatiable; they want to hold up their illegal wealth system. The world’s people are too sick to fight, so technology-based wars are loaded and ready to complete their depopulation strategies and their violent, illegal economic theft.

Humanity is not on their agendas. Continuity of wealth and power remains the historical, ever-present goal.

War = wealth. Sickness = the inability to rebel.

Feel the “change” in the poisoned air, food and water.

Feel the “change” in your nutrient-depleted and drug-ravaged bodies and refusal-of- healthcare system. Yes. The world is, in fact, sick and starving right according to steadfast plans.  Surely, enforced drug vaccines will save you.

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