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The “Change” Has Arrived

The “Change” Has Arrived


The American people voted for change in the last two presidential elections, and change has arrived. There is a tendency to blame Obama or to blame Bush or to blame congress, but, frankly, the change is a result of the people of this nation.

Some people really like the Obama nation; however, they are clueless when it comes to acreages swept away in the form of Biosphere Reserves, conservation corridors, buffer zones, historical site designations, eminent domain, international property maintenance codes and councils, and regionally directed twenty- and thirty-year land use policies. They have never heard of the Wildlands Project or the Nature Conservancy land trust U.N. partnerships. They know absolutely nothing of the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, or the functioning of the World Bank in conjunction with the world’s central banks, or fractional banking, or fiat currency. They know zero, nada, nothing, but they are of a mindset that anything the president does or says is right, and nothing is going to change their minds because he is not a conservative.

They know nothing at all about executive orders or constitutional law, absolutely nothing, nor do they understand anything about, and most have even heard of the National Defense Authorization Act, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, nor do they understand declarations of national emergency, martial law executive orders, or how federal money drains down into states. They have read and studied none of the above, guaranteed. They don’t want to know in case it would interfere with their insistence upon standing by their candidate at any cost. What they don’t know and will not hear or even consider is the cost to the nation, to civil rights, to the economy, and to their futures.

On the other side of the coin are the conservatives, who have equally and unknowingly participated in forwarding the very same agendas as progressives. Only the American people believe there is a an actual difference between them, and they just keep trying to get them back into power, though for the past century the conservative party has done just as much damage to the nation as the progressive party, but the people don’t want to hear it. They want to vote against progressives at any cost, even to their futures, their children’s futures, and their constitutional rights. Nothing is going to change their minds because their party, they believe, is other than progressive. Actually, that is not the case.

The blindsided ignorance of the people in the United States is profound. They are, in fact, the proverbial monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. They just shut up in profound ignorance and dig their heels into the ruts of their own making. All will suffer equally. All will be led down the rabbit hole, and all will agonize along with their children due to their insufferably stubborn ignorance. And when they do, they will blame each other, blame the progressives or the conservatives, just like TV and the Internet has taught them to do, and they will sell out anyone in order to survive.

The obvious changes in the nation signal that the paradigm shift has occurred. Conservatives are today enemies of the state of progressive power, and progressives are enemies of the legalities of constitutional law. Today we are a nation of presidential edicts, not checks and balances mandated by constitutional law, but all edicts are equally shared by conservative and progressive presidents. Together, all propelled the nation into bankruptcy, all supported and empowered the Federal Reserve’s illegal takeover of the U.S. currency and economy, all created the internationalized U.S. policing forces, and all degraded the Bill of Rights, even obliterating the Fourth Amendment rights to privacy, and all established the Department of Homeland Security and equally militarized FEMA and now local law enforcement agencies. Conservative and progressives, together, did this knowingly and with help and considerable funding from their international friends in very, very high places.

Progressives and conservatives together created the designation of “domestic terrorist” to include returning soldiers, constitutionalists, gun owners, and even children who pick up feathers or gather wildflowers in federally owned forests. Together they allow children to be expelled from public schools for bubble guns, butter knives, and Bibles, and they speak not when curricula are forced into schools that insist American students hate their country, while allowing American students to be profiled, data based, drugged, and predetermined for low wage jobs and futures. Neither side of the aisle says a word, while every day new hidden and secret bills and executive orders appear out of nowhere targeting another civil right, while making illegal even surfing the Web or expressing an opinion. Neither side, conservative or progressive, says a word on behalf of the people, but they demonize them in concert and together passing their laws and declaring their executive orders.

There is no doubt that something is impending, and it is not good news, but it is a result of the change desired and defended until death do us part. Maybe it will be in the form of an attack on U.S. soil. Maybe it will be a super virus that is all but incurable to most. Maybe it will be another rounding up of all political enemies of one state or the other, depending on who is president and which banking and corporate magnates have purchased congressional votes. Perhaps it will be a natural disaster in the form of no food growing or food being somehow poisoned. Starvation certainly worked for Stalin, but with very big international fish to fry, the change agents have arrived and secured their places in power and in history and, sadly, we voted them in, decade after decade, gave them money, allowed them to steal our money, our jobs and our legal rights, and here we are with no one to blame but ourselves. We coveted the rich and powerful, we handed them the reins, and now we have arrived where led. Yep…

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