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Equality = A Right to Personal Opinions and Lifestyles

Equality = A Right to Personal Opinions and Lifestyles

No, we never got it right because people are idiots, but that does not mean that people have to remain idiots. Liberal and conservative alike, we are all facing the loss of our opinions. Once we no longer have the right to opinions, we no longer have the right to any chosen lifestyle, which means we lose the right to happiness. No one wants to live under enforcers, liberal or conservative, but that is the direction we are all headed unless we embrace “equality” for what is should mean, respecting differences.

The original theory was that America could/would accept all people from all nations, all religious beliefs, and that anyone could choose to be an American. This we accepted and continue to accept. Where we screwed up was in electing pre-selected elites to represent the American people that THEY did not respect; hence, no actual equality was ever built into the system. Instead, elite representatives built a trickery-based system that further empowered their ability to enrich themselves by stealing from the people they were supposed to represent. Then we allowed such elites to build a global wealth-building mechanism based on corporate profits, which became wildly rich by producing global products using slave laborers. Today, as American people well know, we, too, are slave laborers to the corporate mechanism.

Today, corporate governance controls global banking and global politicians, beneath which the people of the world are suffering terribly, and American people are only beginning to get a taste of what the rest of the slave labor world has endured for decades. Here is what slave laboring includes:

Enforced soldiering: We are told this is a wonderful option for poor, uneducated and stupid people, and that it may become manatory for men and women alike.

Minimum wagers: We are told that this is necessary for corporate profits, which then provide jobs for kids, the poor, uneducated and stupid people.

Women: We are told that many nations do not want female children. To ensure they eat, they can be kidnapped or sold into slave labor while corporations, again, make a profit while providing jobs for the world’s unwanted women.

Children: We are told that many poor people do not want their children. To ensure that they eat and survive, they can be kidnapped or coerced into slave labor while corporations, again, make a profit while providing jobs for the world’s unwanted children.

Senior citizens: We are told that there are too many old people, as if eldership was a choice for any human being. We are told that their rapid demise is desired for the greater good unless they can contribute to corporate wealth and tax revenues.

College graduates: We are told there are no jobs for student loan-indebted young adults and that they should work part-time, minimum wages jobs with gratitude in order to pay off their government loans; until then, no automobile or home loans or marriage or babies. However, there is always military service.

Veterans of war: We are told that after women and children, veterans are the largest group of homeless people and that most of them are mentally ill; hence, poor job candidates and dangerous to society.

Part-timers: Enough said.

Career welfare recipients: Enough said plus no employment histories.

Downsized employees: Usually undesired workers as most who were “let go” were long-term employees at or near the top of their pay scales. They were replaced with low-wage, part-time temp replacements.

So…who’s left? The one percent, that’s who, and this is what you call perpetrated, systemic inequality. You can also call it inhumane profiteering.

Equality could come naturally, even in spite of idiots, but not under elites who usurp legal systems to their own benefits. Therefore, as elites instigate red and blue wars between the people, effectively dividing them into warring camps to deflect attention from systemic illegalities, idiots mass produce. This is a perfected, circular and long-used tactic used to 1) raise militarized enforcers against the people, 2) to brutalize the people, 3) and to enforce slavery to all elite intentions.   Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

There is only one road to equality and happiness, that being the uniting of liberals and conservatives against elite rule. Clearly, they are not “representatives” of the people, minus themselves. Liberal and conservative, you have been disallowed jobs, fair wages, privacy, free speech, personal opinion, health and medical choice and care, and even a right to live into natural eldership. These are not liberal or conservative issues. These are human rights.

You want equality? Then you better start by respecting all people and their opinions so that you can have and keeps yours as well. And all of us better start demanding, together and in one voice, that the elites who are destroying not only the U.S. but the entire world are jailed for their crimes against all humanity; either that or be their slaves with no opinions minus theirs and their enforcers. Yep.

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