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The Endless, Ongoing Justification of Savagery

The Endless, Ongoing Justification of Savagery

Peace is a filthy word. Humanity despises peace. Barbarism, slaughter, weaponry and endless justification of war are the desired games of men while women continue to give birth to the next generations of warrior soldiers. Not so, you say?

Take a close, hard look at the link below, beginning by clicking the earliest date on the horizontal menu and then running your cursor over each button on the map and reading the contents. Then click the next date and keep reading:

Do not fail to click and read the information about each date and period of history through to the present. What you will clearly realize is that humanity is organized and reorganized as a result of intentional violence and slaughter. It really does not matter for what reasons savagery continues; money/wealth, power, religion, territory, resources, etc. What matters is that savagery is endlessly justified by the planners of savagery in every culture and without limits to heinous violence.

In today’s world, you can heroically slaughter any number of people groups, but you cannot grow natural gardens or drink natural milk, live peaceably outside of corporate dictates, work for livable wages, or believe what  you choose to believe. Instead, most are forced to devolve back into feudalism, serfdom, slavery, and even perpetrated plague and poisoning victimization. As should be clear following the above link, there is nothing new whatsoever under the sun when it comes to humankind. Violence and barbarism is the human modus operandi. It’s what we so proudly do.

We say we want peace. That is a lie. The UN says it wants to stop all warring. That is a lie. It is only a matter of time before the latest and greatest armaments are used by all cultures because they have always been used by all cultures. Today all new weaponry is nuclear weaponry, and all the world’s largest people groups proudly possess them. It’s only a matter of time.

Humanity has destroyed the air, the earth’s waters, biological food, plant and wildlife, and the last remnants and generations of purely biological humans. For those who believe in God or Gods, those beliefs are the only chances left for humanity. For those who believe in humanity, history demonstrates that belief is beyond irrational. But for all others who continue to believe in warring and warriors and their actions and results, you will be pleased to know that the continuance of barbarism, slaughter, state-of-the-art weaponry and endless justification of heinous violence and war will continue unabated, just as the historical timeline proves, until all the new nuclear weapons get their buttons pushed by all the world’s warriors itching to play with their new war armaments, all in hopes of slaughtering the most.


Divine intervention is the only hope, because humanity feeds on savagery. Yes, we do.

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