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What Have They Done?

What Have They Done?


Humanity suffers today like no other time in history because we cannot rise to any occasion.  Weapons have been sent into space, aerosolized, nano-particulated, grown into food, placed into medical drugs and treatments and into drinking water; weapons have been designed inside power plants and grid systems, in cell and landline phones, computers, tell-a-vision sets; in soils, seeds, building materials, paints, metals, and even in lead pencils and plastic glasses, bowls, and water bottles; all within the past century, with all government health organizations knowing as much as they lowered health standards decade by decade in observation of humanity’s slow and unconscionable murder.


Much as the earth has become toxic and sick, with plants and animals dying on every corner of the planet and within all bodies of water, so humanity goes in the same rapid escalations of sickness and death.  And while the rich attempt to cleanse themselves of all poisons in day spas and elite medical clinics, they, too, knowingly observe and ignore the murder of biological life somehow believing mansions and greenhouse food will protect them.


Many choose to deny all the above; they claim conspiracy theories by crazies invent all such information, but the ones who do so know better.  They desire mass demise; they desire the death of the knowing.  In the past they have openly slaughtered, but mass communications disallow the old paradigms of murder.  As such, science was commandeered to weaponize everything, and corporations and their government representatives, philanthropic organizations, partners, and stakeholders formed communities to enforce the mass-manufacturing, marketing and selling of weapons.


Humanity is forced to buy weapons, to eat them, wear them, hold them, and use them while Smart meters, credit, bank, health, school, and employment cards track the usage and rates of human demise.  Even the radiation in homes is measured as in the out-of-doors while health organizations lower the radiation standards in observation and documentation of flora, fauna, and humanity’s demise; all of which having to occur slowly enough in order for media, as well as new poisons and even lower safety standards, to advertise cover stories. 


In an enforced evolution from humanity to machine, where humans no longer are required to enrich the rich, where slavery is no longer needed, the die-off will occur slowly, but it will increase exponentially and rapidly, and the poorest of the poor, including the incarcerated, will go first, followed by the world’s middle classes; the two primary human labor forces on the planet.  They will be replaced by technology.  Created and disbursed pandemics will take many, if not most, followed by radiation poisoning; both of which occurring globally and daily as we speak.


What has been and continues to be sprayed upon the world’s people might be largely unknown minus the nano-sized aluminum, barium, strontium, and created biological materials, also in nano-particulate form, but the known substances, by virtue of their content, are killing plants, animals, sea life, and human brains.  Aluminum toxicity of the brain causes Alzheimer’s disease and autism.  Nano-particulate aluminum has been sprayed in geoengineering campaigns for at least 60 years, the very birth dates of Alzheimer’s and autism.


We cannot fight nano-particulates.  They enter your skin, they fall on your heads, and you breathe them with each breath.  It does not matter whether you call it a conspiracy theory or a fact; the fact remains that you cannot avoid contact, and the spraying has been global for most of your lives; a reality you can refuse, but from which you cannot escape.  Your refusal is inconsequential when sprayed with poisons for the better part of a century.  You can also deny the mass-death of fish, sea mammals, plankton, insects, and birds—globally—but again, your refusal is inconsequential, and your mass-extinction is next.


You can deny radiation poisoning because the media does so as well.  So do the world’s health organizations, much as they ignore geoengineering/aerosol spraying, because you trust the media much the same as your government representatives.  You will soon and once again flock to voting booths to ensure billionaire corporate representation.  You will follow the orders of media to do so whereby ensuring your continued poisoning and demise.  You will accept and despise the next enemy of their choosing no matter whom or where that enemy happens to be, because all else is conspiracy theory, lies, and raving of extremists or even domestic terrorists; the ones who make up all information outside of the official poison playbook.


It is sad, really, to observe the global mass-extinction of fish, insects, birds, and plants.  One senses the loss even refusing the facts, but the strange sicknesses of humanity, though in full-blown occurrence, are more than refused though the rich continue attempts to save themselves with organic vegetables, green algae, and raw fish, fools that they are.  Blaming conspiracy theorists, the only people on earth who attempted to find and disseminate the truth, is indicative of this fact:  we cannot save ourselves; we cannot save our children. 


We cannot fight created weapons-grade viruses and bacteria, nano-particulate poisons, genetically modified and created substances, space weapons, invisible weapons such as radiation, microwaves and electromagnetic alterations; we cannot fight any of it, and you will most certainly flock to the polls very soon to ensure this fact.


What have they done to us?  They have taught us to be compliant victims of murder, and should you believe anything other than this fact, you are a conspiracy theorist, a domestic terrorist, or a lunatic.  They have destroyed humanity’s will to live as the ongoing election of murderers demonstrates and ensures.  You can’t even attempt to deny this fact, though you will continue to do so with failing minds and bodies at the polls.  Make sure to get your “I Voted!” sticker; then find body purification cleanses for infectious and malignant stupidity.


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