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Holding Government Accountable is the Final Stab at Morality

Holding Government Accountable: The final stab at morality

A listener to our show raised the issue of lost morality in the U.S. He was talking about how “systems” have overtaken our lives, technological systems. Banking, communications, employment, education, Smart Metering, power grids, privacy, law enforcement, military, etc.; all system-driven, system-operated, and system-devised and modeled. Equally, the destruction of human morality became mandatory beneath the other-than-human “systems” that control people. As controllers became machines, human morality became problematic. Technological rulers are oblivious to moral codes.

As our human “representatives” and “peace keepers” also became subservient to technological devices and authority, their need for moral codes also vanished. Technologies made way for Ponzi ethics, which made technologically-based theft wildly successful on a global scale. Today we see the global results of Ponzi-based technologies throughout the world in the incomprehensible wealth of the one or two percent and the impoverishment of the rest.

Globally, all people understand the results of technology-based Ponzi theft. The understanding is inescapable. We are rated and ranked by computer systems birth to death. Physicians, pre-schools to universities, employment, military service, computer and phone use, Smart Meters, credit or debit card use, banking, shopping in stores, dining in restaurants, driving on roadways, or even walking down city streets are today consolidated technology-based activities, while walking in forests, fishing, hunting, canoeing, gardening or other “human” activities are close to wholly illegal activities. As such, human morality falls when it becomes illegal to act as biological human beings.

The comprehension of global theft of the world’s people by the one or two percent caused the paranoia-based technologically-driven illegality of human behavior. It was necessary for our moral codes to cease in order to accept theft, murder, democide and genocide, non-stop warring, brutality, and tax-free Black Marketeering. Morality was purposefully degraded over decades. Schools teach immorality, entertainment champions immorality, and with the attainment of money becoming the sole purpose of existence, birth to death. The attainment of money has become the sole purpose of living and, with technologies replacing human labor, our purpose is rapidly becoming nil to the one or two percent.

Having ignored and allowed representatives, kings, queens, prime ministers and dictators to build self-serving systems, we find ourselves incapable, unknowledgeable, uneducated, sickened, weak, drugged, and technology addicted. We have virtually no skills minus keyboarding or screen touching, and our addictions to such devices are fusing our brain power with these devices; devices that are programmed to do all thinking. As drug and technology addicts, we find the devices a relief from thinking. Equally, our conditions find morality best ignored knowing full well what has happened, but recognizing we are in no condition to stand up to all-encompasing and complex enslavements.

We are overwhelmed with technology-based information of wars, loss of human rights, criminal governance, and bad food, water and air. It is remarkable though understandable that the greatest civic effort is the demand for marijuana, another numbing agent giving even greater wealth to governance. We say to ourselves, “I’m just trying to get by, cut expenses, pay bills, get another check, and smoke weed. I just need a phone and a computer.” This is not the definition of human morality. Morality requires a clear-headed and thinking human brain.

Today, the reality is that technology systems do all thinking in government, the military, economics and finance, commerce, education, health, communications, science and engineering, and entertainment. The human mind is defunct, and it was the human mind that understood the necessity of morality. As such, rather than pounding the streets for marijuana, we must hold those responsible for all theft, particularly the theft of our sobriety and clear sightedness, accountable. The technologies that mastermind our lives, fully destroying all privacy and rights, health and sobriety, food, water and air, our intellectual abilities and educations, and that synthesized our profound ineptitude must be addressed squarely at the root of the disease, the government. Our incompetence, based on addictions to drugs and technologies, was the planned outcome of paranoid governments representing the world’s thieves, the one or two percent. The recognition of this crime against life, all biological life, is humankind’s last chance to demonstrate human morality, the very last chance considering the global technological weapons systems, technological diseases, and technologically engineered weather and food.

As all eldership is being eliminated, so are the infirmed, the imperfectly born, and the poorest of the poor. The rest will be enslaved as mostly free laborers controlled by inescapable technological systems, rationed food, water and goods, and widespread sterility. If this is the outcome desired for yourselves and your children, and if all is well beneath the theft-based morality of technological systems that include the theft of human  health, fight for marijuana and upgraded smart phones. If you long for human morality, hold the disease and their minions to account. They are easy to spot being Red, Blue, billionaires and trillionaires.

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