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There Are Reasons Why the U.S. Looks a Military Zone

There Are Reasons Why the U.S. Looks a Military Zone

Clearly, the U.S. is preparing for civil unrest as every urban drill demonstrates. Clearly, as many, many cities have been declared under conditions of martial law, and as international forces have been training with homeland forces and local law enforcement from coast to coast, the only viable explanation is that martial law is forthcoming under predetermined conditions. It is all out in the open, happening as we speak, and it is the American people that are being militarily targeted and controlled.

The fact that UN/NATO forces have been practicing with homeland forces for a decade or more is also a clear indicator of why the rights of the American people were eliminated at exactly the same time. We are the military target. Here are my best guesses:

1) The economic system will collapse. My primary reason for thinking so is that our physical gold, as well the physical gold of nations who stored their gold in the U.S. Federal Reserve vaults is seemingly missing.

2) A pandemic is likely to ensue as a control mechanism, fear tactic, and effective deflection of actual political intentions and events.

3) There will be a long break from mass communications and possibly from electrical power, and transportation will also be limited if not disallowed over a long period of time.

4) The United States will be dismantled as we know it, and the already existing “regions” or sectors will overtake state governments as most states are also bankrupt as the entire nation has been economically plundered.

5) Banking as we know it will cease to exist. Social security and pensions will also cease to exist, and new economic apparatuses will unfold, but slowly, very slowly.

6) It is not out of the realm of possibility that the nation will be divided into other international zones of occupation since foreign nations own U.S. debt and the UN controls hundreds of millions of U.S. acres (Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites), and due to the fact that national infrastructure has been sold for over 21 years via Executive Order 12803. Foreign investors and corporations own vast amounts of the United States including housing, schools, hospitals, prisons, power grid systems, water treatment systems, roads and highways, railways, ports, and air travel systems, etc.

7) As the people who are American traditionalists or Christian constitutionalists have been declared terrorists, it is reasonable to assume that the new leadership paradigm will disallow Christian political philosophy or the Christian religion, both of which having been vastly negated and limited in the last decade alone.

My mother died seven days after September 11, 2001. The last words she spoke to me before her death were, “Remember that things can change for the worst…things can get really, really bad. Don’t ever forget this.” I remember thinking how odd it was for her to say these words as she had been a source of optimism her entire life, and that it was out of character for her to declare a seemingly impending sense of doom. Today, however, I feel her words were prophetic as I sense a terrible darkness that also feels very close.

As Darren always says, “Pray for this nation. Do what you can to restore it.” Please, refer to the article listed beneath this one, and prepare for worst-case scenarios as best you can. What is occurring in this nation should not be happening, but it absolutely is. There are reasons for the national militarizing initiatives and the billions, if not trillions of dollars that have gone into these missions.

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