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The Desired “National” Crises Have Arrived: All of them

The Desired “National” Crises Have Arrived: All of them


The West Coast radiological contamination, the “economy”, nationwide joblessness, national bankruptcy, tyranny, and national anger toward the “representatives” of the people all boil down to the point of no return; a declaration of “national” Martial Law; the long awaited and prepared finality of constitutional America.

As our fear grows in desperation for living wages and a livable planet, imagine their fear as they bring to fruition the plan to permanently destroy the United States of America and all rights of its people. Who to blame is a question that history will determine, but someone recently said that we “elect” people, but we do not “select” candidates. Here lies the basis of all corruption that has overtaken the nation; all candidates are pre-selected to carry forth the missions of those actually in power, and we then “elect” one or the other, both interchangeable as we clearly realize today.

We had to become desperate citizens before the finale, and that reality is upon us. No one in the United States is unaffected by the purposeful destruction of this nation, no one. Soon our retirement accounts, pensions, Social Security, and all welfare programs will cease as all accumulated wealth continues to be stolen, and as Kissinger told us many decades ago, we will beg the “international government” to save us. Look to the European Union if in doubt.

The wealthiest nations in the world have all failed, the rights of people have all been stripped, and the entire world has been ecologically damaged by corporate and government tactics to bring us to our knees before new rules and rulers, and nearly every continent is in the midst of multiple uprisings with global law enforcement wholly militarized.

I can only hope that the world’s militaries will one day realize that the hands that feed them are the only criminals, and that the people of the world, even the low level criminals of the world, are the victims and results of criminal leadership. Arresting and mistreating ordinary people, even children, is sheer madness when “governance” is the known kingpin of all criminality.

Today and the days that follow are and will be permeated in treachery and great sadness. To steal happiness, safety, and the efforts of all labors; to contaminate the natural world to increase profits and to force humanity into lies of submission are the greatest crimes against humanity that have ever occurred in human history. This is the enforcement of their “global” governance.

Equality was never their mission, but global slave labor was the “equity” they sought. It is the reason for lowering wages to part-time, the reason for the push to eliminate private automobiles and mobility, the reason why we are “smart” metered, and why privacy has become illegal. We are slaves, and the world has become a panoptical prison watching everything we do and say.

Let us hope and pray that the world’s militaries see, care, and realize what the hands that feed them have done, because what awaits us is not life. It is criminal treachery by any stretch of the imagination by the richest and smallest percentage people on earth. Surely, this cannot be happening to the entire world. Surely, global slavery will not be allowed to continue. Surely, something will be done.

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