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What is a “Faith-Based” Christian?

What is a “Faith-Based” Christian?

The proverbial answer is the Sunday service Christian or the once-a-week pew sitter; the one who makes an appearance, dumps five buck in the offering basket, sing a few hymns, says “Amen” following the prayer(s), and goes home – faith sealed and face seen by the flock and church leadership – the quintessential contemporary Christian. And considering the condition of the church, it is certainly no surprise that Christians follow minimal suit. However, another problem lies large in the wings, and is fully significant in the great scheme of secular things, that being secular society and mores orchestrated and governed by Satan. Simply put, it is very politically and socially incorrect to be an actual Christian, and it is becoming very dangerous to publicly demonstrate actual faith.

With the likelihood of being sued, expelled from school, and/or fired from places of employment, society is very seriously rejecting Christianity on legal grounds; an extremely dangerous trajectory and one in which Christians were forewarned. Churches realizing such have, therefore, watered down biblical principles, God’s commandments, Jesus’ message to humankind, and Christian traditions in order to comply with new legal mandates requiring their elimination. As such, pew sitters come and go back to the comforts of their civil secular societies and activities. After all, they have to live in this devilish world, and they do not intend to make waves when there are more important things to do, like make money, watch TV, and check email and Facebook accounts.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of self-proclaimed Christians do not read the Bible on a regular basis, and that 75% have never read the entire Bible even once in their lives. Therefore, most Christians do not know God’s word or plan and, therefore, are not Christians by biblical definition. However, they are social Christians according to church attendance rosters, which are by definition, grant-funded/federal governmental definitions of Christianity. Many such Christians partner with other non-profit, grant-funded entities such as local food pantries, children’s camps, local schools, and a whole bevvy of community service programs and agencies, all connected in a web of grant dollars. Thus, mandatory governmental volunteerism hours are clocked and reported for both church adults and youth, profiles are kept by the ordained, which are then data based, and parishioners tithe to support the governmental acceptance sermons, the eco-sermons, the multiculturalism and “community” sermons.

All said and done, today there are far more “faith-based” Christians than Christ-centered Christians, but socialistic Christianity is viewed and preached as religious and cultural advancement. You can’t say it ain’t so. You’ve been there, you’ve heard it, and you know very well how the system works. It’s about grant-based budgets and social engineering. It’s about localized control of and knowledge about large populations of people – all under one roof. It’s about organizing free labor to address community needs that were once the government’s responsibility. It is not about Jesus Christ or the Bible or Matthew 28. It is about the condition of the church rubbing off on Christians. This is a wicked mistake on both the part of today’s church and today’s Christians.

Is it not extraordinary to see Christians sign up for one-hour details at this church booth or another, to organize weekly adult and youth events, to order chocolate drizzling fountains for ladies night out, to raise money for a social organization through golf outings, etc., etc., etc., and to then willingly comply with the “No Merry Christmas” and “No Nativity” rules of government? Is it not extraordinary when Christians pretend to love Jesus, but refuse to spread the word out of a fear of offending someone? Anyone ever heard of the Bible? Actually, most Christians haven’t read or heard about the Bible, but they have heard about socialistic civil society according to government command. They have heard about the mythical “greater good”.

Today’s churches are social engineering partners, exactly like public schools, with the federal and state governments. This is their primary function, and their secondary function is to eliminate biblical teaching from the hearts and minds of Christians, as prophesized…biblically speaking.

Social Christians are socializers. They pretend to be doing God’s work, but they are socializing to raise money, to raise statuses within the church (we used to call this social climbing), and they are teaching flocks to accept new rules of social order. They are teaching children to work for free via “missions,” which are not mission trips at all. They are free labor forces singing hymns. They are teaching children to be away from parents via church lock-in events and church camps, which are the models for new transportable corporate and military labor forces.

They are teaching women, as usual, to be moron gossip organizers of meaningless events, and they are teaching men, particularly in church leadership roles, to be passive liars and thieves. As we can see, there is nothing new in history, minus the fact that we now refer to all-the-above as Christianity. Sadly, as the Bible has become illegal and dangerous to a civil society in its irrational biases and profound political incorrectness, there is nothing to counteract today’s socially constructed faith-based church. It is not a church. It is stakeholding partner with the federal government and, as one can see, such partnerships are extraordinarily profitable for churches willing to play social ball with the feds. The problem is, God, Jesus, and Matthew 28 are uninvited to exist. In fact, they are rapidly becoming illegal.
Social Christians, all I can do is pray for your souls.

For the men of the church who now lead the nation in Sunday social services, even using children for grant-funded free labor programs, may God be merciful that what you condemn in your grant-funded human trafficking programs, you act out using church youth for the very same purposes of free labor called mandatory volunteerism by the feds. May God be merciful.

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