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Every American Must Receive $35K Tax Returns…Annually

Every American Must Receive $35K Tax Returns…Annually

As the Federal Reserve’s only function is to steal money and precious metals from the nation and to fund wars, and as the Federal government spends whatever is left without abandon or curtailment and wastes billions of dollars annually, including billions for vacations, private jets and limousines, booze and parties and balls and other perks, AND since middle class jobs are offshored to Third World nations for corporations to profit from trafficked slave labor, it is mandatory that every American adult receive a minimum $35,000 tax return.

There is no reason not to expect this pittance considering the trillions that are robbed from this nation on an annual basis and considering the entire economic system in the US and now globally exists to steal money, natural resources, and in avoidance of taxes. Equally, as all black markets are run by governments and banks, all tax-free, it is without fail that we expect our cut of the loot that has been stolen from this nation and our labors.

Equally, since the goal of Obamacare is to increase profits for insurance corporations by reducing medical care, every American should have 100% free medical care, for life, and under all conditions…period.  As rapid health deterioration is caused by jet-sprayed nano-particulate poisons, vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, medical care must become a cost-free national service.

University education must also be completely cost-free, available to every American citizen, and all student loan debt permanently forgiven and without soldiering mandates.


Finally, all geoengineering experiments must cease, globally, and all heating of the atmosphere must cease. Stop or be charged with crimes against humanity.

We command all of the above of Federal government and the Federal Reserve. This is not a request.

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