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Calculate Your MANDATORY Healthcare Premiums Here

Calculate Your MANDATORY Healthcare Premiums Here

Below is a link where you can calculate the monthly premiums you will be forced to pay beginning January 1, 2014 as a result of the “affordable” healthcare law. It takes about one minute to determine the forthcoming nightmare for your family:

Notice how business and corporations, who are cutting American workers to part-time in the tens of millions to avoid offering health insurance benefits to workers, have now been exempted for one year from this scam of all times where full-time and part-time workers remain forced to buy healthcare either from “the government marketplace” or from private insurers. Also notice how private insurers are now dropping their healthcare divisions altogether, knowing full well 1) American people cannot afford health insurance, and 2) to avoid the anger of the American people once they realize what both the government and insurance corporations have done to their futures.

Take a minute or two and see what your future holds. Copy/paste this link into your search engines to get your monthly premium, which you will begin paying in January, 2014, eighteen weeks from now.

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