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Registered and Certified: The human, swine and bovine herds

Registered and Certified: The human, swine and bovine herds

It is a tad expensive to be a part-time worker in the United States. Between licensures, registrations and certifications…all renewable and very, very costly…one would think full-time employment might be the light at the end of that twisted and wicked tunnel, but only partnered administrators and politicians are permitted livable earnings. The rest, including pigs, poultry and cows, must first be government approved prior to slaughter. Clearly, judgment has switched from government of, by and for the people to government regulating “folks” like slaughter animals. What a profitable system.

Beginning with infancy, we must be certified-vaccinated in order to attend government schools. The passing of each grade level must be certified. We must be registered to vote, to travel, to work, or to donate organs.

We must be certified to teach, to paint fingernails, to cut hair, to teach yoga, to take care of children, to hire employees, to do taxes, bookkeeping; to be entrepreneurs, to work with addicts, to fix computers, to create websites, to cook, to code, to handle records, etc., etc., etc.

We are licensed to travel, to have automobiles, to work, to hunt and fish, to work with the mentally ill, the sick, the dying, to move materials, etc., etc., etc.

Moving the registration and certification process from food animals to humans really is a clever system. Like animals, it is for the purpose of ranking creatures and their futures. Some are permitted to grow into fruition prior to slaughter; others are not, but what is interesting is that the final outcome for all registered and certified creatures is TTF, the Trained To Fail outcome.

Animals go to slaughter having first been drugged, fattened and sickened. Humans, eating such animals, are fattened and sickened, and they are drugged for the durations of their lives beginning in infancy, through their food and water systems, by drug dealing physicians and hospitals, whereby they are finally drugged to death in nursing homes and by the human humane society. Laws are now passed in five states (Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, and Vermont) to aid insurance corporations in profitable endings. The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium allow euthanasia with most countries allowing the same for animals.

TTF is evident in the education system, in food (GMO terminator seed) and water systems (fluoride and formaldehyde), in the air supply (aluminum, barium, strontium nano-particulates); everything required for human life is meant to fail. As such, humans are trained to fail since their biological failure is aided, abetted and enforced.

Registrations, certifications and licenses are required to live at all, which is the same scenario for food animals, but the control and length of human life is now built into the mandatory government ranking systems which require ongoing re-registrations, re-certification, and renewed licensures, all at our expense, simply to have part-time employment, which cannot sustain human life. This is not the case for politicians, corporate heads of state, or high-ranking administrators. Though it is true they sacrifice one another from time to time for the public’s entertainment, it is we who suffer entire lifetimes of TTF.

As we continue to be poisoned in every way conceivable, and as we are denied medical care and life sustaining wages, food, water, and air, let us consider animal herds which are slaughtered prior to middle age. As we continue to watch cancers take children and young people in epidemic numbers, diseases ravaging all ages by pharmaceutical industries and their partners in slaughter, let us hope that our registrations, certification and licenses are up-to-date as they enforce great and ongoing wealth to government and their NGO partnerships.

We are to be consoled that nursing care and human humane societies await us, much like the food animal confinement feeding pens prior to their slaughter. They, too, are TTF in the quickest possible poisoned and profitable way. It is sad, however, that we have to pay so much of our part-time wages to our butchers prior to slaughter.


Oh, and by the way, congrats on your Republican win.  I'm sure they will make it all better for you.


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