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Zero Tolerance (A.K.A. Dictatorship)

Zero Tolerance (A.K.A. Dictatorship)

Funny how we are told what we have to tolerate by enforced toleration laws, today often enforced by SWAT teams, while at the same time being inundated with “Zero Tolerance” policies in almost every venue of life. Schools, places of employment, theaters, stadiums, government building…you name it…every facet of our lives has become either intolerable or force-tolerated. Hum…sounds like Washington D.C. power-freaking to me.

I remember when tolerance was a matter of manners, an ethical responsibility, and a biblical mandate to love one’s neighbors, even one’s enemies. Today, however, tolerance is whatever the government says it is. Let me make that clear: you do not decide what is tolerable or intolerable; only government decides. Therefore, your opinions, thoughts and beliefs are off the table, morons.

I might guess that we are perceived as bad children by our “representatives”, but that is not the case as so aptly demonstrated by our militarized policing forces and their international helpers. No, today we are perceived as likely terrorists even by teachers and employers, also clearly demonstrated by school and employment compliance with EVERY zero tolerance policy that D.C. dreams up.

Sadly, the people of the U.S. still refuse to say NO, enabling the power freaks to keep implementing dictatorial power after dictatorial power, subverting all laws, and all of them living like kings and queens with armed guards, limousines, mansions, and laughing their way into permanent power. Well, if dictatorship was the desired change, congrats. Enjoy your zero tolerance, which actually means you. YOU are the intolerable entity. Look to D.C. for further restriction instructions.

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