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WAY Past Time for 50 States to Stand Up to Federal Tyranny

WAY Past Time for 50 States to Stand Up to Federal Tyranny

Seriously, state reps, how much longer are you going to cave for federal cash? Clearly, that cash is not doing any state any good, so what are you waiting for? How much damage do you intend to allow to be inflicted upon the people who elected you, and how much more degradation are you going to allow of our cities, schools, farm lands, legal system, courts, jobs, civility and futures? The states must claim their constitutional rights of sovereignty and they must reflect the will and best interests of the people. Do you really want to go down the kill-the-country-and-adopt-Communism road? Is that your hope for your children and grandchildren?

It is way past time for every state to stop participating in the insanity that has devastated this nation. If all you are going to do is follow Washington DC’s lead and work toward international billionaire corporate and banking powers and national theft, then leave the country and live in Belgium or in the wildly successful European Union. Better yet, live in China.

The people of this nation need help and protection from the federal government, and if we can’t get it from our states, we will have to make other plans. You are our legal solution, so you need to get off your asses and do the work. We cannot take much more, and as you well know, we are being mistreated by militarized policing forces that have been trained to treat the American people as enemies. If you are not going to represent our best interests and protect us from the obvious usurpation and tyranny, then you need to step down.

Equally, and for the record, don’t even think about convening a constitutional convention, which is already being planned behind closed doors and in secret, a very, very bad sign. Specifically, Michigan, don’t even think about it. All states must follow the instruction manual called the Constitution, which you have sworn to uphold, and back each and every state out of the illegalities that have been illegally imposed upon the people of this nation. You are the only chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all of which are dissolving. The 50 states must act. Do what needs to be done. The people demand that you act now.

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