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Godzilla Lives

Godzilla Lives

The global agenda is no longer under the veil. It is plainly in the open to experience, but it takes a lot of social divisions to keep people from uniting against the “unionizing” (as in the “former” Soviet Union, the European Union, the North American Union) takeover of the United States of Constitutional America. In other words, we the people have to be extraordinarily sidetracked or monumentally distracted to continue to overlook or ignore or pretend not to notice that something beyond comprehension has happened to our country.

Let us, therefore, consider and consider well that EVERYTHING that has occurred, including but not limited to our bankrupted states, the failed education system, the failed healthcare system, the totally corrupt banking and investment system, the propaganda and mass media industry, the national moral breakdown, the housing and private property collapse, the higher education debt with interest machine, the pathological greed of the energy cartels, the sick joke of border security, the enforcement of the “green” movement to pay for crimes against nature by corporate polluters, the criminal wasting and hording of the people’s money by the federal government and the Federal Reserve Corporation, the crippling over-taxation of the American people — on and on and on — was caused by Washington, D.C. EVERYTHING that is wrong was caused by the lies, secrets, greed, secrets and insistence of Washington, D.C. and their “partners” in the re-creation of national law. This is plain as day to anyone with half a brain, but instead of facing our perpetrated reality, we in-fight over everything including the kitchen sink.

The dialectic, much like the global agenda, is nothing shy of Godzilla. It is a monster, a creation, a farce, and pathetically, I fear, entertainment. So let us ask ourselves the tens of trillions of dollar debt-based question: Are we avoiding the closing of the USA to such an extent as to seek comfort in any means of avoidance?

Are we incapable of saying the words, “no” or “you’re fired” to Washington, D.C.? Or perhaps you believe your “representative” should address the usurpation of the American government and that you shouldn’t or can’t or are afraid to get involved. Better check your Declaration of Independence and Constitution for details requiring duty to freedom’s continuance.

Perhaps, you are so loyal to the democratic or republican party that all you need to supply are donations. Perhaps, you feel more compelled to stand for or against gay marriage, abortion rights, or equal rights. Perhaps you find comfort as a community organizer, a community volunteer, a community facilitator, a community planner, envisioner, or community security detail. Perhaps you find all the comfort you need in Sunday services.

Many are specifically dedicated to national entertainments such as beer and vodka, joints and crack pipes, television sets, Smart phones, Facebooking, video games, shopping, beauty regiments, casinos, gyms, pro and youth sports, and many are devotees of racism — pick a color, any color. Many prefer the art of religious conflict which has been a favorite pastime for most of human history. And then there is the old reliable financial dialectic — too poor to act, too rich to rock boats, too homeless to function, and/or too wealthy and frightened to move amongst the rabble.

Yes, there are many ways to avoid the real issue of YOUR freedom. Perhaps, you choose the border immigration issue as your sliver of choice. Perhaps, global warming or cooling is your social pastime. After all, there are so many dialectical opportunities from which to choose and dodge the real issue, which is the ending of your fundamental rights under constitutional law — you know, the rights to your private property, potential, opinions, firearms, religion and happiness.

The dialectical monster creates any number of social pitfalls in which to fall and incapacitate effort, and these traps work like facilitator charms to divert attention from the nation’s constitutional demise. And with attention diverted for a century or more, we suddenly find ourselves stripped of house and home, land, savings, retirement accounts, healthcare, education, mobility, credit, grocery money, and (surprise, surprise) jobs and livable wages.

As mass media is the purveyor of our dialectic side shows, media acts and loyally serves the cause of social distraction much like public, private, higher education, and grant-funded churches. We keep all eyes off the ball, while the ball strikes at our nation with all the intention of a conquering army. And then, adding insult to injury, we in-fight, showing our ignorant and paranoid backsides to our highly-professional, highly-skilled, and highly-organized insider change agents — “agents” being the key word.

How easy we have made it for them to walk off with our nation, our history, our opinions, and our culture while we watch another TV show, drink another beer, and rage about this or that social issue with all the moral fortitude of an over-baked potato on a broken down couch. And even today, knowing all that we know, we divide ourselves, whereby conquering ourselves, and all the while being forced to pay for America’s dismemberment. Brainlessness or pathological cowardice — who cares? Ignorance will surely be the preferred excuse, but no one buys that line of polluting bull manure anymore; no one. Godzilla lives.

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