Nancy Levant

1 + 1 = War

1 + 1 = War

It is as clear as a nose on a face. The world’s billionaires and corporate crime bosses are meeting behind closed doors and with military protection. The world’s youth have no jobs. The entire world is sword rattling. People are starving everywhere. Jobs are desperately needed while most “jobs” have been given to slave laborers, trafficked, and imprisoned bodies. Economies have been artificially controlled and crashed. Entire “global regions” have been wholly manipulated such as in the Mid-East, Europe, the U.S./Canada/Mexico/Central and South Americas, Australia, and all of Asia.

There are no fixes, and there is no truth being spoken by any national or global “leaders”, and the world has seen this before; twice in fact in the Twentieth Century. Other nations are reinstating the draft, with most others requiring military service. The United States, with its chronic unemployment of youth and college graduates, will be next to reinstate the draft, perhaps including women and middle-aged people. We are entering the final preparations for World War III.

The rich have stolen the wealth of most if not all nations and have destroyed most if not all nations in the process, and they are now planning the “recovery” in secret. We have seen this before. Such “recovery” includes mass-depopulations of the poor and suffering through the elimination of food and water sources, ignored radioactive poisoning, sprayed poisons on land and in the air, and through the elimination of health/medical care, globally. We have seen this before in the Twentieth Century.

Attacks upon people’s rights, particularly their rights to speak opinions and to privacy, are global attacks. People are being demonized everywhere for recognizing truth, making connections, and putting two and two together, which is why the rich are again under military guard. We have seen this before in the Twentieth Century.

Once the next global war ensues, further devastating entire regions of the planet, “global” solutions will be enacted by the very same global billionaires and corporate crime bosses, exactly as following World War I and World War II, and their endgame will set the course for their future leadership, wealth, control, and ongoing manipulation and viciousness. Please, tell me why this continues. Tell me why the world’s militaries allow this barbaric immorality. Everyone knows who is at fault, who steals all wealth and futures, how they do it and why they do it. Why do we choose to live in this wholly insane and repeating pattern of constant murder and human culling?

1 + 1 = World War III. The elite will be just fine. The human beings, however, will be slaughtered. Refer to the Twentieth Century for all identical details.

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