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Walking Miles in Each Other’s Shoes: We are One People

Walking Miles in Each Other’s Shoes: We are One People


We are all experiencing brutality. Though many in this nation and throughout its history have suffered beneath racially motivated and systemic inequalities of every make and measure, today most Americans are viewed with the same contempt and disdain, even children.

First, Americans were loathed by the world as imperialistic occupier/conquerors along with their European counterparts with histories replete with exploitation and the extraction of wealth from occupied nations. Then we retaliated with nuclear weapons, the only nation to do so thus far, for the attack upon Pearl Harbor during WWII, and the world became further horrified and fearful of our national and military aggression.

As such, the world’s people watched, studied, and kept close tabs on the American government and their globalizing affairs, and the world learned that America does, in fact, occupy hundreds and hundreds of nations. At home we were told to call this occupation “peace keeping”; however, and today, we certainly know that peace was never the intention. Ongoing war remains the corporate occupying, profit-based agenda. The world’s people understood this decades before the American people had a clue, because we foolishly believed what the media told us to believe. Today we know better, just as our soldiers know better.

What has transpired in this nation is also an occupation. The government, the Republic, was craftily subverted by regionalizing the nation into territories headed up by appointed authorities, most of whom nameless and faceless. Today these appointees direct state and county governments on land use plans and policies, all of which nationalizing or globalizing land and watershed systems, and by directing lending institutions to stop loans for land, businesses, and home buyers expect for wealthy movers and shakers and business investors both national and international. The average person is denied not only jobs, but also home and land ownership, all at the direction of appointed land management globalists.

As we now rapidly learn and experience the lessons of Third World, part-time poverty, we also experience the disdain of the wealthy toward the poor. This is something new for many Caucasians. Recent history defines that too many poor people result in human culling; think Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, the Vietnamese and Laotians, the Iran/Iraq War, etc., etc., with an estimated 260,000,000 deaths caused by governments. The technical term is democide. The actual term is planned, orchestrated human culling. Why? Because the people knew that those in power were acting illegally…that’s why.

With the advent of global communications, which will clearly be taken from the people at some point, the world has an opportunity to finally understand the results of immoral power, and they finally have for the first time in human history the ability to stand together to demand an end to their global abuse, exploitation, inequalities, misuse, theft, dis-education, and total and undeniable disrespect by the wealthiest criminals in the world. All people must stand up for morality, ethics, and human empathy, and we must refuse to be divided by politicians and their owned talking heads.

All civil rights and all legal rights are human rights and not just rights for the rich and powerful who are actually lawless. However, the lawless have far more than enough money and resources to make their lives luxurious beyond all comprehension. When was the last time any of us had enough money, opportunities, savings accounts that aren’t constantly depleted, actual health care, or job security? When was the last time you weren’t afraid of “representatives” who speak to and about us as if we are moronic pests? When was the last time you felt like a free person, an individual with rights to think as an individual, and when was the last time you felt that your children were safe in their neighborhoods and culture? These are not racial, gender, or cultural issues. These are governmental issues; bred, born, created, orchestrated and enacted governmental issues, and you know it. With no other moral alternatives, we must stand united right now and before it is too late. We are all together in this thing, walking in each other’s shoes.

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