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To the Federal Government: Go. Away.

To the Federal Government: Go. Away.

Here is the bottom line, boys and girls: You have insisted upon and forced too much damage upon this country; profound damage, in fact. You have left a wake of nightmarish destruction, all with the absolute intention of doing so, and the people of this nation are sick, tired, horrified, and wholly disgusted by your actions.

We find you to be not only incompetent and very strange, but we also find you to be pathologically dishonest, unethical, immoral and iniquitous. We find you unfit as representatives of the people of this nation as you are incapable of telling the truth, unwilling to serve the actual needs of the nation and its people, and we find you guilty of implanting control systems of your personal politics and agendas at the expense of all laws, limited powers and legalities, particularly in your determination to demonize the people of this country.

You personally destroyed the stable economy, the entire financial system, the housing market, the jobs market, our entire educational system, our constitutional laws, and our entire health care system. You sold our national infrastructure, privatizing most of what should have been state and local operations, and you have turned schools and prisons into low wage and free labor mass production human exploitation centers for your corporate friends in high places.

As we are the government, and as you are only representatives of the people and our paid employees, we find you in failure of your job descriptions, and we find you unacceptable as unethical public servants. We are equally and profoundly disturbed by your wealth, your partying, your sexual misconduct, and your jet-setting and in-your-face offensive spending sprees.

It is crystal clear that you view the people of this nation as lesser beings and insects to be controlled in order to protect your ongoing usurpation and decadence, and we do not accept this treatment. Everything you have done has been despicably and disturbingly wrong for the people and the country, and it is time for you to go. We refuse to be your disposable nation or to be morphed into your state of choice or into a central banking global union. As such, we claim and define our nation as we see fit, and what does not fit with our interpretation is you. You now need to leave.

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