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American People and the Emerging Dictatorship

American People and the Emerging Dictatorship

Most American people are not radical left or radical right; they are a mix of some conservative opinions and some liberal opinions. I am one of those people. For example, I believe abortion is immoral and barbaric, but I believe it is not my right to impose my opinions upon other women. I do not believe women should be soldiers on battlefields, but I also believe that women who choose to be battlefield soldiers should have the right to do so. I believe in pacifism in nearly all cases, but I also believe all people have a right to self-defense and defense of their chosen way of life, especially with the constant global problem of mass-murdering dictatorships. I do not believe in giving up any rights for government defined safety, when all democides and genocides are caused by government or government-backed terrorists.

In reality, most American people think more like me than the District of Columbia politicians who, without fail, do not represent people. Their agendas are not reflective of how the people think, what they want for their nation, or how they choose to live their lives. Washington DC is forwarding global governance, which the American people do not want imposed upon them with its limited freedoms, radical surveillance, massive taxation, enforced insurance and education, and multi-millions of laws, most of which unknown to the people and that have criminalized nearly every human activity. This is clearly a rapidly developing system that makes criminals of anyone the government desires to be a criminal, which is an emerging dictatorship.

However, this is not to say that the American people have not been morons. As technology addicts, beginning with the tell-a-vision, we the morons have been fed a steady diet of talking head “experts” and billionaire mentors who we remarkably allowed to convince us of their great ideas for this nation. We failed to realize that the red/blue psychological manipulations broadcasted on our technological devices hypnotized us into worshipers of visual facilitators of entertainment-based agendas.

The tell-a-vision or the computer or phone screens show us one crisis after another after another, and we think, do, and regurgitate what the broadcasted facilitators instruct. The control of the screen-hypnotized is extraordinary. We have become passive players in an interactive game-style, reality-based movie, and we simply follow directions. We think and do what screens tell us to do. Problem is, as we continued decade after decade as hypno-players, our privacy was eliminated, our jobs and job potential were eliminated, we passively agreed to millions of rules wildly regulating our normal lives and activities, and we allowed a surveillance system so all-encompassing that even a trip to Wal-Mart, with their hundreds of cameras in the store, on the roof of the store, and on light poles in the parking lot, and the head-to-toe scanners at the entrances and exits equate to living in a prison without walls, and this is ONE store.

Add all other stores, schools, biometric licenses and license plates, bank cards, employee cards around our necks, and sub-dermal chips beneath our skin, and one can only surmise that we are, in FACT, living in a prison without walls. Why bother with walls when you can be arrested for any reason and at any time, and your location and activities are constantly under surveillance? But, hey…it’s okay, because we can just watch our screens, get locked down in crises, shelter in place, and we will be told exactly what to do. Welcome to jail, inmates.

This new and fabulous system, custom developed and designed by Washington DC experts and billionaires, and implemented while you were gaming and Facebooking and working three part-time jobs, was too easy to accomplish while you were red and bluing, voting for your liberal and conservative “representatives”, and actively complying with your own incarceration, and you weren’t even radicals. You were moderates, but you were also idiots because it all transpired right in front of your faces. Keep cheering for the boots, swats, and tanks in your streets and neighborhoods. You might feel a tad uncomfortable when they arrive at your children’s schools, but that’s okay. Just turn on your iPhone and watch the screen. It will tell you exactly what to do, what to think, and how to act. Just shelter in place. Return to your cell. You might be let out at some point.

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