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Human Riddance: The world’s oldest games and gamers play on

Human Riddance: The world’s oldest games and gamers play on

Just a few numerical facts to begin:

Purposeful depopulation includes:

·         60+ years of pharmaceutical poisoning

·         70+ years of agricultural poisoning

·         60+ years of fresh and salt water poisoning

·         50+ years of atmospheric poisoning

·         70+ years of nuclear testing (space, land, oceans, beneath ground and seas)

·         50+ years of nuclear accidents/incidents

·         60+ years of bioweapons and chemical weapons

·         70+ years of manufactured super-viruses and genotype virus experimentation/use

U.S. wars and casualties (up to 2012)

·         American Revolution (1775–1783)

o   Total service members             217,000

o   Battle deaths   4,435

o   Nonmortal woundings            6,188

·         War of 1812 (1812–1815)

o   Total service members             286,730

o   Battle deaths   2,260

o   Nonmortal woundings            4,505

·         Indian Wars (approx. 1817–1898)

o   Total service members             106,0001

o   Battle deaths   1,0001

·         Mexican War (1846–1848)    

o   Total service members             78,718

o   Battle deaths   1,733

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   11,550

o   Nonmortal woundings            4,152

·         Civil War (1861–1865)          

o   Total service members (Union)           2,213,363

o   Battle deaths (Union)             140,414

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Union)             224,097

o   Nonmortal woundings (Union)           281,881

o   Total service members (Conf.)            1,050,000

o   Battle deaths (Conf.) 74,524

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Conf.) 59,2972

o   Nonmortal woundings (Conf.)           unknown

·         Spanish-American War (1898–1902)

o   Total service members             306,760

o   Battle deaths   385

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   2,061

o   Nonmortal woundings            1,662

·         World War I (1917–1918)3

o   Total service members             4,734,991

o   Battle deaths   53,402

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   63,114

o   Nonmortal woundings            204,002

o   Living veterans           0

·         World War II (1940–1945)3

o   Total service members             16,112,566

o   Battle deaths   291,557

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   113,842

o   Nonmortal woundings            671,846

o   Living veterans           1,711,0001

·         Korean War (1950–1953)

o   Total service members             5,720,000

o   Serving in-theater        1,789,000

o   Battle deaths   33,739

o   Other deaths in service (theater)         2,835

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   17,672

o   Nonmortal woundings            103,284

o   Living veterans           2,275,000

·         Vietnam War (1964–1975)

o   Total service members             8,744,000

o   Serving in-theater        3,403,000

o   Battle deaths   47,434

o   Other deaths in service (theater)         10,786

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   32,000

o   Nonmortal woundings            153,303

o   Living veterans           7,391,0001,6

·         Gulf War (1990–1991)

o   Total service members             2,322,000

o   Serving in-theater        694,550

o   Battle deaths   148

o   Other deaths in service (theater)         235

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   1,565

o   Nonmortal woundings            467

o   Living veterans           2,244,5831,6

·         America's Wars Total (1775–1991)

o   Military service during war     41,892,128

o   Battle deaths   651,031

o   Other deaths in service (theater)         308,800

o   Other deaths in service (nontheater)   230,254

o   Nonmortal woundings            1,430,290

o   Living war veterans    16,962,0004

o   Living veterans           23,234,000

·         Global War on Terror 5

o   Total Service members (Worldwide) (as of Sept. 2011)         1,468,364

o   Deployed to Iraq (Operation New Dawn) (as of Dec. 31, 2011)       0

o   Deployed to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) (as of June 2011)            45,000

o   Battle Deaths 5,078

o   Other Deaths (In Theater)       1,378

o   Non-mortal Woundings          48,104

·         Estimated total number of global war deaths since 1900   250-500+ million

Weather-related deaths since 1900   3.6+ million

Racism/Nationalism/Tribalism deaths since 1900   62 million

Racism-related deaths in U.S, 1900-1970   3.3 million

AIDS deaths 1981 to present   35-40 million

Global pandemics since 1900   100-200 million

Estimated medical error-related deaths in U.S. since 2000 – 1,350,000

Leading causes of death in 1900:

1.      Pneumonia or influenza (flu-related)

2.      Tuberculosis (infectious)

3.      Gastrointestinal infections (refrigeration/bacterial-related)

4.      Heart disease (old age)

Leading causes of death in 2014:

1.      Heart disease (pharmaceuticals and street drugs, GMO/ junk food/growth hormone-caused obesity, computerized life/work style)

2.      Cancer (environmental and pharmaceutical)

3.      Noninfectious airway disease (geoengineering and pollution)

4.      Alzheimer’s disease (geoengineering and pharmaceuticals)

5.      Kidney and liver failure (GMOs and pharmaceuticals)

Daily drugs taken by Americans in 1900 - near zero

Daily drugs taken by Americans in 2014 – 7 in 10

Estimated new Alzheimer’s disease cases in 2014 – 475,000 (80-82% women)

·         Since 2000 Alzheimer’s deaths have risen 68%

Added info:

·         Euthanized dogs and cats 2000 to 2013 (estimate) 40-60 million

·         Extinction of 10,000+ bird species

·         Extinction of fishes species – approximately 60 percent since 1900

·         Extinction of insects – approximately 80 percent since 1900

·         Extinction of mammals – approximately 120 since 1900

·         Total extinctions since 1900 – incalculable

·         Current extinction rate – 200+ species per day

Self-choosing/selective outrage and pointing texting fingers at predefined enemies when managing to lift faces from cellular weapons of intellectual destruction, life implodes according to plans knowing full well the ignorant will rise to their stations. I did not address the mass extinction of the globe’s flora or the legal corporate poisoning of the world’s food supply. It makes no difference when governance ensures murderous missions with immunity. Murder is the business of governance, and murder funded by billionaires running governments is big, global-sized business. Ask Ukraine or Argentina or Iraq or the continent of Africa. Ask the president. Ask our newest predefined enemy, Vladimir Putin.

The whales, dolphins, star fish, squid, salmon, sharks, tuna, sea birds, turtles and thousands of other species are dying in epidemic numbers all over the globe. Senior citizens are dying; 50% with the identical brain “disease”. Pigs/swine are dying in epidemics, and cows/cattle are living to half-life while giving birth to defective calves—much like dolphins and whales.

Globally, animals are experiencing epidemic birth defects and fertility problems—much like humans—as are fish, insects, and amphibians. No biggie. Go watch a reality show on a screen. Guaranteed…you can’t take actual reality. But you can blame Putin. Blame Israel. Blame Gaza. Blame ISIS. Blame the Clintons, Bush; the Democrats…blame anyone your media idols suggest you blame. Why attempt to think when, in reality, you are intellectually dead. Soon you will join the ranks of the drugged droolers in “retirement” centers/planned “senior communities” where multi-millions quietly and rapidly disappear from life and with every last vestige of their wealth confiscated for the greater good of corporate entities. You’re next.

Tomorrow it could be Ebola curtains for you and yours. It could be an urban nuclear detonation or “accident”. It could simply be invisible radiation emitting from your phones, computers, tablets, modems, microwave ovens, and Smart meters. Make sure your children have all the above, latest versions, and upgraded for real-time death surveillance. And when they, too, feel unwell, ensure their submission to pharmaceutical pipelines for brain and major organ disease hastening. Buy GMO treats and magical drink concoctions that make them hyper, dull and incapable, because the fastest growing “under 65” diseases are, you got it, Alzheimer’s and 200+ varieties of cancer. Eldership begins at 55 though it is suggested that 50 is the actual age of decrepitude in the modern age of poisons. Your kids are next.

Tomorrow there could be a call to one of many war zones as only 11 nations on the planet are without war. You will be told who to hate, who to kill, and how to ignore the pain and suffering of torture and killing. Don’t worry; you won’t have to think at all. And should you fire on your towns, families, neighbors, friends and pets, be guilt-free knowing that your thinking was not desired, necessary, or legal—much as in schools. Follow orders, because you are also next.

Human riddance is big business, so big in fact that it’s global, and it’s working. Follow every lead and push on the game board. Don’t pretend outrage. Enjoy the game pieces your billionaires have provided; the ones with text and screens. Play while you can, because all creatures great and small are meticulously dying. The world’s oldest games and gamers play on with state- of-the-art weapons, globally owned technology and MIC industries, with your money, champagne, and with full immunity. The numerical facts speak for themselves, and you are next. The game remains the same.

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