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Mass Migration Events Forthcoming

Mass Migration Events Forthcoming

The term “mass migration event” is not commonly known; however, “relocating human populations” is well known to those who have bothered to read the blueprint ("Agenda 21") for America’s “change”. One of the “changes” in the U.S. is the United Nations’ control of the U.S. Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites. If you still do not know about the Biosphere Reserves or World Heritage Sites in the U.S. (and globally), then keep sleeping.

I have been amazed by the steadfast and annual burning of the Biosphere Reserves, particularly in the American West (and also globally). There have been millions of people “relocated” due to such “natural” disasters; millions who have lost their private property as most did not have “forest fire” insurance. Equally, after all “natural” catastrophes, the government-funded environmental organizations swoop in to declare such lands in need of rest from human “footprints” as most of these fires are eventually blamed on campers, hunters or hikers. In truth, campers, hunters and hikers, who genuinely love the wilderness, are without a doubt the most careful of all forest trekkers when it comes to campfires. They are, nonetheless, always blamed.

Many readers are well aware that the American West has been overtaken by the Feds, the States and the U.N. to the tune of 90+%. Most of the American Biospheres are in the American West, and most of them just keep on burning, which is what happens when they are also covered with Nano-particulate aluminum, strontium and barium from decades of aerial spraying. I am figuring that very soon the Southern Appalachian Mountains will be torched along with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the other great forested areas in the U.S. But, I digress; back to my initial thoughts.

Consider Fukushima, which the U.S. government is ignoring—at least they are not talking to the people of the nation about Fukushima. There are approximately 50-60 million people on the West Coast, and sea life in the Pacific between Japan, Canada and the U.S. is dying. Japan has waited two years to even begin to address the radioactive pollution of the Pacific Ocean; instead, it has knowingly allowed totally deadly poisons to flow into the ocean, and it is estimated that these poisons will continue to kill off the Pacific for the next 20 to 30 years. Sadly, all oceans are interconnected. No wonder space colonization has become the rage.

Agenda 21 wants human populations “relocated” away from the U.N. Biosphere Reserves. This is why family farms, cattle ranches, small towns, and jobs are just about finished. The “relocations” are to large gun-free urban areas and smart cities with walkways, bike trails, part-time jobs and minimum wages. They are also often very dangerous places, but we are told they are “manufacturing hubs” full of jobs. If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land to sell you in a desert biosphere reserve. What these manufacturing hubs are full of is people on welfare and food assistance, because there are no jobs. Ask a college graduate about job availability.

I am anticipating a “mass migration event” from the Pacific West Coast, because not only is the water very, very dangerous, but so are the fishes in the sea, the rain, and the wind; all radioactive, and Fukushima’s contamination is unstoppable according to nuclear experts.

As such, the U.N. gets its charred Biosphere Reserves, which certainly helps where mining corporations are concerned, and it forces a mass migration event (human relocation) of approximately 50 million people into “manufacturing hubs”; the U.N.’s Agenda 21 plan to begin with.

Another interesting consideration is Carol Rosenberg’s February 11, 2013 article posted on McClatchy DC titled “Guantanamo is used for mass-migration scenario training by U.S. military” ( The article states:

“For a week, soldiers, sailors and Homeland Security officials are rehearsing how to manage an imaginary humanitarian-relief crisis inspired by the tens of thousands of Haitians and Cubans who overwhelmed this base in the 1990s.

“But the exact nature of the scenario — how many migrants flood the base, whether there’s unrest, disease, spies in the tent camps — is all classified. Only Pentagon-approved photos of the exercise will be released, and the people involved in acting out the episode from here to Miami to Washington, D.C., are sworn to secrecy”. Read the article.

I’ll tell you, folks, the greatest nuclear disaster in human history is not ignored, and the U.N., which owns most of the American West along with the Feds, wants us “relocated.” Fukushima is not a conspiracy theory; neither is Agenda 21 or the burning Biosphere Reserves (global phenomenon). Equally, China is in the midst of the largest human relocation/mass migration event in human history as we speak. Approximately 250 million people are in the process of “relocating” to China’s new urban centers/hubs, by force. Yep, expect “mass migration events” in the U.S.—soon. It’s in the blueprint, and the “event” is being practiced.

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