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Which Nation(s) Will Eliminate Oil-Based Economics?

Which Nation(s) Will Eliminate Oil-Based Economics?

Continued financing of oil exploration and extraction, coupled with global oil economics, all of which intentionally melting global ice caps causing a rapidly forthcoming methane nightmare, and all global oil wars daring to go nuclear are what world “leaders” and government-funded “experts” leave to humanity; a fully equipped and briefed global democide.

Because of corporate greed, power and lust for deranged wealth, biological life on earth is collapsing; all flora and fauna including humans, and all due to oil-based global economics. The damages are so profound that geoengineering seeks to hide (not stop) the global damages even as the oil idiots continue to melt the ice over known oil and gas reserves, drill and frack while threatening each other with nuclear annihilation for oil, oil, and more oil.

They don’t care about nature, ecology, humanity, wildlife, forests, water, soil, or air; they care about profits, ongoing investors, personal fortunes and luxuries, and posturing and controlling governments and laws for their tax-free, profitable benefit—perhaps 10,000 of them in total—and all willing to sacrifice everything, including their children and grandchildren, to maintain their powers and fortunes. Every politician on the planet is following their orders and lead.

The world’s people know they are suffocating beneath a criminally foul system. They know the players, the Ponzi algorithm computer games, the offshore banks, taxation theft, the slavery exploitation crimes, and the seats, organizations, and systems of the criminally foul.

They know geoengineering attempts to hide the crimes of the criminals who intend enforced taxes (much like Obamacare) to pay for their crimes while they remain tax-free. The world’s people know that the planet, animals, plants, and their children are sick and dying. Elderly people all over the world know what has been lost in the natural world beginning with natural weather. There is none, and all in effort to hide the planetary damages caused by oil-based global economics and transnational/mega-corporations.

Since, at best, we have one or perhaps two decades before nothing grows, waters are undrinkable, and air is unbreathable, which nation will immerge to refuse oil and its many products and disguises? Which nation will refuse entry to oil market investors, oil market portfolios, pipelines, to gasoline/fueling stations, and to oil taxation--all oil-based taxation—such as the Ponzi taxation scheme that taxes automobile owners for drivers’ licenses, car licenses, auto purchases, gasoline purchases, mandatory car insurance, annually renewable stickers, and taxed auto repairs? How many times and ways can people be taxed?

Impossible to eliminate oil, you think?   Really? The world has never operated without petroleum/Exxon Mobile, Royal Dutch, BP, Total, Shell, etc.? This is like saying the world has never operated without nuclear weapons. The world, however, has constantly operated beneath criminals in the highest positions of power including those who through theft, taxation and slavery became so wealthy that they feared all but themselves, becoming haters of all but themselves. Heads up, poor people.

Unless this system is stopped, permanently, we are finished as a species. When life in the oceans is more than half gone and trees are dying globally; when sunlight is blocked by design and the air is poisoned to hide the crimes of corporate pollution-based economics and global profit sharing amongst the world’s richest people; all intending to rid themselves of a planet full of people who know very well the crimes they continue to commit, another system must evolve, and it must evolve now.

To the law enforcement and military forces of the world, what in God’s name are you doing, backing this pathological and suicidal system? I pray a nation comes forward to demonstrate an oil-free alternative and commitment. If a country does not rapidly emerge, casting off oil-based economics in all its flavors and disguises, and if another model of living without petroleum cannot be demonstrated, we are finished.

One problem I foresee is when people go off-grid, they are demonized, harassed, insulted, charged with false crimes, and often lose all possessions beginning with their land. They are treated like the homeless; unwanted. However, it is unnecessary to go wholly off grid when solar, geothermal, and wind energy exist, electric personal and public transportation vehicles exist, etc.

To believe we cannot eliminate petroleum, recall the former 300,000 years. Human history suggests we can, in fact, live without global oil dictatorship. Equally, the earth, which is currently unable to sustain insects, plankton, fish, birds, whales, or human children and seniors, and since both humans and animals are being eaten alive with cancers and brain disorders of every make and measure, perhaps the time for casting off global leadership and their insidious intentions is dangerously past due.

Countries enslaved by U.N. membership and international treaties will never be permitted to disengage from oil economics. The U.N. is dedicated to elite control of the planet and wants to eliminate the Third World masses and lock down all global land and waters under the authority of “government”. Locking down land and water from human beings is another death sentence.

As such, new ways of living must take national shape by refusing the deadly paradigm we are now forced to embrace under threat of violent military action and forced to fund via global, federal, state and local taxation.

They are depopulating because they are destroying the earth. They want to live by tyring to eliminate most of us. Any rational person understands the irrational and very criminal thinking and intention. One by one, nations must refuse to be taxed and sickened to death for kingpin oil.  Time is much shorter than you care to believe.

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