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Keeping the Faith in Freedom

Keeping the Faith in Freedom

Because it is easy if not instinctual to lose track of the spiritual battle often misinterpreted and lessened as a socio-cultural-political battle, it is sensibly easy to become a freedom-based activist over and above an activist for Christ. The good news is that freedom-based activism can and does intertwine with faith.

For many decades freedom advocates were maligned as conspiracy theorists, hoarders, nutcases and, equally, all states’ militias were portrayed as dangerous and weird terrorists with Ted, the bomber-professor of the woods Kaczynski, as the poster child and star actor for all freedom defamation grant recipients. Today, however, we have been vindicated as painful as that is to so many. Everything we predicted happened. We were right about everything from the beginning.

We willingly spent decades involved in research to understand constitutional law, international law, international treaties, memorandums of understanding, international/central banking cartels, fiat currencies, the history of the Federal Reserve, Ponzi schemes, executive orders, proclamations, presidential directives and signing statements, non-profit federal and state grant funding, conservation, ecology and global warming initiatives and treaties, geoengineering, computer modeling, all federal education programs, regional governance, facilitation and envisioning, land trusts and land confiscation, global carbon credit taxation initiatives, the United Nations’ land and water grab initiatives, understanding the actual birthplace, purposes and powers of the IMF and the BIS, the black markets, Smart Meters and their technical connections to Energy Star appliances, etc., and convey the honest truth, and that was and is a whole lot of information to learn and stomach. And it was beyond devastating to realize that it all occurred in the very hidden and media-free back allies of “international governance”.

Through decades of work and sacrifice, the big picture emerged as predicted, particularly in light of centuries of non-stop efforts to globally corporatize and centralize money and power through nation-state destabilizations including today’s elimination of civil rights, the raising of a nationalized paramilitary system in the U.S., and with “banks” and financial and black “markets” at the center of these missions. It was tremendously hard work, but we delivered the information as learned, and today the damned cat is out of the bag and with very unhappy playas; hence, your new-found tanks, guns, foreign troops and suits in the streets which were, in fact, one of our president’s first promises as well as one of our first predictions. Clearly, he knew federal popularity was going to tank once the “change” initiatives were realized in the full light of their international and very communistic powers. Realizing our terrible vulnerability and financial devastation, yes; we are a betrayed and angry people. We are also fully responsible as our first duty as American people was to protect all constitutional freedoms and rights.

The dedicated people who have done all the work that every American adult should have been doing all along are very tough and thick-skinned people. They found equality and freedom to be worth the effort, even amidst insults and constant degradation, but we, too, are easily engulfed by the enormity of problems, often forgetting there is a larger picture which we frequently overlook; that of the ultimate battle between Go(o)d and evil.

It is equally disheartening knowing that the last generations to understand freedom, or at least its pretense, are aging and equally assisted in rapid death. Gen X, Y, and Z (Millennials) never experienced freedom to the degree that older people knew. Neither did people of color. Neither did women, but a semblance, an idea of freedom existed through an understanding of constitutional law. However, younger people lived during its final degrading and eventual demise, and all the while trained to be subservient to an internationalized form of government and to partake in its “benefits”, including technological addictions, intellectual incapacitation, welfare and poverty. Common Core, or the Communist Core educational mandate, ensures their re-education as communist work forces.

Frankly, it is all thoroughly overwhelming until the God card is played. Once played, clarity unveils the higher purpose of human freedom and equality, why the world’s rabble continue to be maligned, feared and over-mastered by the elite, and why this battle matters. In His image, the battle is directed toward and upon the world’s people. Humanity, the very images of God, is the ongoing target. Freedom allows us to decide what to believe and what to worship. Dictatorship strips humankind of those rights, actually making belief illegal and particularly under communistic regimes. Knowing there is also a human attraction and draw toward God, we remain constantly victimized by evil men and their constant intentions to trump God’s power.

As such, remember that God is in charge and his will, will be done. Remember, as above-so below, knowing that truth matters and that human freedom is fundamental to faith, spiritual growth, opportunity and understanding. In all things, even the worst of things and times, give all thanks and glory to God. He is with us, and we are fighting a battle, on the ground so to speak, that is heavenly in nature. The Bible makes this point very clear; this is a spiritual battle, and with all things biblical, truth matters and freedom of thought and action is essential.

Human freedom of thought and opinion is essential to faith, which is why unalienable rights are mandatory and are God’s rules. They provide all people the opportunity to meet God’s terms and to experience forgiveness for the heinous and ongoing international and historical crimes against each other, His images. All of these crimes against humanity, in actuality, are assaults upon God; Good vs. evil (Love each other as I have loved you...).

Again, human freedom of thought and opinion are essential to faith, and they, again, are on the chopping block. If you have yet to become involved in the fight for freedom, you have a faith problem and, yes, God’s will, will be done in spite of your lack of effort, but freedom is an unalienable right, a gift from God to you. Whether that gift is appreciated or even acknowledged is a choice. For the freedom advocates and fighters, however, it is worth even our lives.

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