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The Horror of Institutionalized Avarice

The Horror of Institutionalized Avarice

The government, economic system, national identity, and the people of this nation have become wholly polluted with pathological want and greed. It is incomprehensible what we have become, and we have become exactly what the government desired us to be, that being criminally inclined and in need of control. How can we have been so dangerously foolish?

We are following tooth and nail in the footsteps of today’s cartel governance, acting as criminals, thieving our national coffers and neighborhoods, stealing from taxpayers and businesses, and we consider such as entitlement entertainment—EXACTLY as governing elites.

Rather than hold them accountable to ethical and moral representation and constitutional law, we allow and then mimic their all-inclusive criminality as EXPERTS in THEFT, VIOLENCE and IMMORALITY on every level. We know full well that they have ALWAYS destroyed equal opportunity for the “under classes (THEIR terminology)”, meaning people of color and “Appalachian whites (THEIR terminology)”, but now their greed has extended to EVERY person minus themselves and their international corporate handlers. THEY have robbed and ransacked this nation where NO ONE can succeed except by Fusion score permission.

They have declared that 27% of the American people are mentally ill including one-quarter of American school children. They have lowered public and higher education standards to such a degree that we now read at an average 6th grade level, minus the 32+ MILLION people who are today wholly illiterate.

We have thrown off faith, moral foundations, marriage, learning, work ethics, manners, care of our children and elders, and instead have opted for drinking, drugging, welfare and technological entertainments which encourage violence-based leisure activities and merrymaking. We are becoming thrill-seeking drug thugs.

Seniors are wasted. School children are wasted. Young people seek recreation with drugs. Women are near-constantly drugged. Is it, no doubt, that we are not ourselves? Does the same occur in our governing “representatives”? The answer is, yes.

Without sober, ethical and moral thinking and real knowledge, we focus our half-baked brains on “getting stuff” to further our numbed and dumbed-down intellects while acting like barbarians. You see it in the halls of DC. You see it in homes, on the news, in every neighborhood in every city and berg; this horrible CHANGE that has overcome the people and functioning of this nation. We are living the perpetrated lie; the lie that has led us to uncivilized folly, tanks in the streets, militarized policing, blood in the streets, and all rights as human beings replaced with PRIVILEGES to OBEDIENT and PURPOSEFULLY DRUGGED SLAVES.

It is all based in avarice, pathological greed and ill-thinking, meaning sick thinking. Please, people, wake up and smell the impending results of this nightmare which has only just begun.

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