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False Flagging to a War on Syria/Iran

False Flagging to a War on Syria/Iran

The possibilities are, of course, endless considering all military-related budgets both public and secret and with resulting creative potential in crises of every make and measure. Take, for example, flu season which is just around the corner and right on target with the GridEx II Drill (mid-November) and possibly a FEMA Region 3 “event” (same time frame or perhaps beginning in October). We have certainly been warned of the inevitability of global pandemics with the WHO and CDC leading the annual warnings and charges.

Cyber-attacks, which are well practiced and played out globally via the expertise of highly trained governmental and contractual hackers, are accomplished on a constant basis. There is nothing new about cyber-attacks. However, coordinated cyber-attacks on national scales may take some serious cash and practice, particularly if designated parties are to be blamed. Such attacks have to be very convincing in order to initiate another global war in a war weary and devastated world.

Economic collapse, as laughable as it is to the world’s millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires, is devastating to the world’s masses who are immediately and further victimized by the elimination through control of food, water, heat, electricity and legal understanding as soldiers then rule the day; armed, frightening, and often vicious and foreign soldiers and regimes. American people have been threatened with economic collapse ever since the Federal Reserve stole the wealth of the nation and turned it into “investments” for elites. Exporting American manufacturing and jobs was also necessary in preparation of economic collapse, whereby the IMF and BIS can take over the U.S. and its economic security for billionaires and trillionaires; to hell with everyone else.

I have always believed that the elite would not corrupt the earth with nuclear contamination, but their lack of interest in Fukushima may prove me wrong…unless that could also be a false flag “event”. I learned a long time ago that media is far more apt to lie as it is to tell the truth. Who really knows? However, biological and/or chemical operations are likely as they are cheap, temporary, and eliminate thousands of not multi-millions of the world’s poor – the very same elites do not care for whatsoever. Elites are very afraid of too many poor and angry people, particularly when they have had enough suffering and mistreatment due to the self-serving decisions of the elite. Over and over and over again in history, multi-millions of the poor are simply eliminated by whatever means cheap and “necessary” for the continuity of wealth and power. Bio and chemical weapons serve that necessity to a tee.

And then there is the misuse and manipulation of “religion”; however, there is really no need to expound upon the unending history of wars and death in the name of faith. It’s an unwinnable argument, and politicians have partnered with religions for centuries to bring about democide and genocides for every reason under heaven. Every faith has been targeted, demonized, and multi-millions of people of faith have been murdered in the name of continuity of power and wealth; nothing new under the sun in these governmental departments.

The U.S. and its rulers and billionaire and trillioniaire investors and global partner/stakeholders want control of the Mid-East. Russia, the U.S. and China want Mid-Eastern oil and gas and pipelines to ocean ports. Everyone wants what they want, and everyone wants control with all Mid-Eastern nations caught in the crosshairs. Sadly, the Internet educated the world’s commoners about global theft, and all theft-based atrocities are now under scrutiny, analysis, and are well advertised. This has become a serious problem to the global movers and shakers. As such, expect crises and a whole lot of death. It is their legacy and all they really know how to do…minus theft.

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