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The Universality of Arrogance

The Universality of Arrogance


Strangely, all people insist upon exorbitant conceitedness. All vanities are demanding and very pretentious, and pridefulness is never served enough or to the liking of anyone. People command their opinions upon others, but when desired results are not achieved, they attack others behind their backs, most often in character assassinations or for the purpose of recruiting like-minded hatreds, or sometimes with weapons of war, but the attacks are guaranteed because arrogance breeds hatred, the pulling away from others, and for justifying wrongs. Equally, the excuses of arrogance are automatically on the tongue. Humankind cannot take criticism or differing opinions.

Governance is the kingpin of arrogance, particularly governance backed by the “experts” paid to provide the expertise for governing agendas. Welcome to the world of grant-funded stakeholding where any crisis is computer modeled into reality, and any governance whim is set into law. Governance has also used such arrogance to kill billions of people throughout history due to its near-pathological conceitedness, which includes its constant theft and murder of people. But arrogance is a universal flaw in humanity. From the most powerful to the most powerless, arrogance abounds within the human condition and in all hearts and brains, and the evidence is beyond overwhelming.

Academics are typically arrogant types, being “experts” in a tiny and typically absurd field of next to no actual human value, or valuable only to other academics in a near-identical field, but they are experts. Most do not save lives, provide medical care, feed the poor within five miles of their homes, or do much of anything of particular value. Many, I’ve read, are actually very difficult in their homes and to their families for interrupting their importance, but they are experts, and governance likes to fund their opinions.

The world’s ethnicities are arrogant because they insist upon recognition and special privileges, and every color-spectrum’d ethnicity participates from white to black and all colors in-between. Equally, people demonstrate their arrogance by commanding that their nations and cultures are the best and celebrated, which brews hatreds of every make and measure.

The arrogance of “workers” vs. “entitlement-ers” is very obvious. Workers claim superiority and entitle-ers claim victimization, each claiming to have the best arrogance-based argument and wholly based in judgments. This goes hand-in-hand with the arrogance of social standing. The rich are arrogant beyond all others because they hold all power in every culture in the world and because all great riches are created off the backs and sweat of lowly paid laborers. You can’t have billionaires and trillionaires (they exist) without slaves; hence, Third World labor forces increased the number of millionaires and billionaires. In order that such slaves do not rebel, arrogance then conjoins with the rich and governors to create new systems of governance, very arrogant governance, which then ensures safety for their power and riches. Over and over and over again in history, century after century, the same arrogant plan repeats. Wealth, slavery, and governance are the operating systems of arrogance.

Arrogance exists in gender and gender roles. Men have always been arrogantly superior toward women, and women have been arrogantly resentful of other women as demonstrated by character assassinations through judgments and gossiping. It’s what women do with their inclinations to talk about others. They interfere, spread rumors, tell half-lies and half-truths, and manipulate others to their ways of thinking to achieve desired outcomes. Women’s arrogance is best demonstrated in their constant need to manipulate and interfere in the lives of others. Truth hurts, doesn’t it, ladies? Men, however, in their absolute insistence upon over-mastering women, have often forced women into their behind-the-back attacks upon others, knowing they are constantly judged and often chastised by men. The combination of gender arrogance has been ugly throughout all human history, and as new gender roles are now legitimate, there is growing arrogance exhibited in the forms of mandated tolerance, mandated laws, mandated celebrations, mandated holidays and parades, etc., etc., all arrogantly commanding worshipful attention.

Then there is the arrogance that exists within families and even relationships. The money makers are the kingpins, the children come second in command, and women are still primarily viewed as the lowly paid worker at the bottom of the familial ladder, which is why mothers are often the most disrespected, disregarded, and mistreated members of families. In many, many countries, women remain house slaves with no rights whatsoever. They are simply unpaid workers with men and children experiencing far more freedoms, leisure time, and economic rewards.

The arrogance of the educational system is historical as well. The richest people receive the top educations, the poorest people receive the least and most useless educations, and the middle castes are simply trained to be life-long workers into eldership. In schools, the richest children are awarded with grades and sports team assignments, cheerleading assignments, awards, plaques and scholarships, and the poor children are diagnosed, drugged, and labeled as mentally incompetent. The middle of the road kids are, today, maneuvered into community colleges for worker training and certifications. The rich in every community run the school systems, with most superintendents being male elites and most teachers being female wives of community elites.

In relationships between young men and women, arrogance also exists. Female desires are commonly ignored or insulted, while male desires are considered to carry more weight and to be more important. As emotional creatures, this has always been difficult for females, but as men are far more emotional than females in terms of ego and angers, their arrogance usually wins at the cost of female hearts and often desires for their futures. Men have always ranked higher in importance than females, which leads directly to the question of the arrogance of all religions; all wholly male systems.

Throughout history arrogance has operated systemically and for the purpose of control. It is a human inclination and character flaw that, sadly, is heavily rewarded in every cultural system of life and throughout all nations and periods of human history. Arrogance is a big deal. It’s a very, very big deal though it is rarely discussed and more rarely admitted. The crimes in which arrogance has been complicit are too many to fathom, particularly when humankind pleads innocence. However, no one is innocent and everyone knows their crimes. May God somehow forgive us.

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